Ville Blåfield

Valmet defined four strategic training areas when it became a listed company, including procurement. The aim was to develop operations in a more strategic and proactive direction. Senior Vice President, Strategy and Operational Development Juha Lappalainen shares their story.

Joanna Sinclair

Best known in business for his work as the Director of Stockmann Retail and member of Stockmann Group Management team, Jouko Pitkänen is the man who put the company’s new strategy into action and launched a 50-million-euro savings program. Stockmann has undoubtedly played a prominent part in Pitkänen’s life, and yet it is just one phase: he also has a notable past in dance sports, a new career in talent identification – and in a few years, he will also have a doctoral DBA-degree from Aalto EE.

Annamari Typpö

To create value is the easy part, but how to commoditize and make money out of it, that's the question.

Paula Salovaara

“Hang on, I’ll just run up to the car”, Kai Rönnberg answers the call in the same situation as so many other times before. However, this time he’s running to his car on the other side of the world, in Sydney, Australia, where he has relocated. His employer Outotec offered him a new position in early spring that comes with more responsibility, and a chance to see the world and the mining industry from a new angle.

Reetta Räty

Service Business Designer Petri Aaltonen and Managing Director Peter Barkman explain why in-depth customer understanding is always crucial for selling and developing services.


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