Pekka Mattila

There may be room for a Nordic champion in leadership and organizational development. At least, Aalto University Executive Education is striving to test this hypothesis. The company has moved forward decisively since 2011, despite the gloomy economy in all the main markets.

Sharing experiences: Cooperation partner Jaana Junell

The Future Leader Initiative was developed in collaboration between Terveystalo and Aalto EE. Aim of the program is to educate healthcare industry leaders, Jaana Junell from Terveystalo says.

Katri Kauppi

It is difficult to talk about sustainable development without mentioning the concept of the triple bottom line. Simply put, this means that companies need to focus on three aspects of their operations: the economic, environmental and social impacts. By and large, economic goals used to form the sole basis of business practices and strategy, while social and environmental impacts were addressed in separate programs and campaigns.

Sharing experiences: My Mentor

Mary Gestrin, Aalto EE alumnus and former Head of Internet Media at Yleisradio, has mentored Björn Heselius, Hufvudstadsbladet’s Head of Visual Department.

Riitta Lumme-Tuomala

According to my study plan I should be much further with my writing than what the present situation is. But I guess this is how it will be until the final goal is reached. Presumably I should add “hopefully” to “reaching the goal”…


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