Joanna Sinclair

Some may not recall how accustomed Finns are to economic growth. Between 1900-2000 the country’s GDP growth was the second fastest in Europe and the fourth fastest in the world. Digital disruption presents a growth opportunity the likes of which occur only once every hundred years.

Ville Blåfield

Urban planning is the most challenging form of leading the masses: implementing a vision in an environment where a variety of “common goods” compete over the same space. Ville Blåfield took a long look around him in New York’s Central Park and listened to what urban planning experts had to say.

Ville Blåfield

Big data was supposed to be the “new oil” and the smartest thing businesses can have. But researchers claim data is not of much help if you don’t know how to use it. Journalist Ville Blåfield examines what type of cultural shift it would take to be smartly data-driven.

Paula Salovaara

“Hang on, I’ll just back up my car.” A beeping sound carries down the phone line, as Kai Rönnberg sets for his journey to work. He has promised to talk about the fall semester at the same time, which he has found interesting but busy. A business trip to Australia messed up his calendar, and it has taken some time to get back to normal.

Ville Blåfield

Aalto EMBA participant
 Pawel Koscianski, Production Director, TKH Kabeltechniek, Leszno concludes his experiences in the program: “From day one, we have been a group. People have different types of roles in their companies, but this isn’t a place for talking about that or comparing personal success, but about friendship on an equal footing.”


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