Ville Blåfield

Aalto EMBA participant
 Sabrina Ching-Mei Chang, Audit Supervisor, Long Chen Paper, Taiwan says that one reason why she chose Aalto EMBA was that she wanted to understand globalization and the internationalization of business also from outside Taiwan.

Heidi Hammarsten

You get what you measure, as the old adage says. "Linking strategy to indicators is not as simple as it looks," says Professor Teemu Malmi, Aalto University. 

Mari Rauhala

Professor Kristiina Mäkelä from Aalto University School of Business gives us her take on managing human resources strategically, outlining the three basic things every organisation should consider while building HR practices and managing human resources.

Anna-Maija Ahonen and Anne Nylund

”Be present, enjoy and learn from others!” “Learn decision-making skills and applying knowledge in practice!” “Find ways of coping in the changing business environment.” “Get a theoretical foundation for business.”

Paula Salovaara

“I anticipate new winds, new thinking.” Kai Rönnberg’s supervisor Ari Numminen, Vice President Service Mineral Processing at Outotec summarizes his expectations for his employee’s MBA training, as Rönnberg nods on and adds his comments when needed.


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