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Lead Your Service Business to Innovation and Growth

The Aalto Service Leader program combines insight from the three fields of Aalto University – business, technology, and design – to give you the tools to innovate and lead service business in a digitalized world of networks.  

Exploit the driving force of digitalization in both B2B and B2C environments. Learn to capture value in services through business model innovation and explore how to leverage customer and stakeholder experience for competitive advantage. And discover ways to lead your organization and coworkers through the transition.

Companies used to build services around a product; today they need to embed the product in their service. The implications of digitalization for revenues, profits and opportunities are dramatic. In a digital world, leveraging customer experience is crucial for your success. All this calls for inspiring and lucid leadership. Aalto Service Leader will give you the tools and methods to succeed.

Aalto Service Leader Quick Facts

Register for the program by September 1, 2017.
The program starts on October 5, 2017.

€ 8,400 (+ VAT)

Leading Service Design for Improved Customer Experience module is also available as stand-alone program for a fee of € 2,400 (+ VAT).

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The program addresses the following critical questions for any company seeking growth through services:

  • How can we develop viable and successful business models and take a position in a service value network?
  • How can we actively create new markets in the platform economy?
  • How can we obtain and exploit distinct customer insight to develop front-row service concepts and customer experience? 
  • How can we lead and inspire our people to deliver winning customer experiences?

Up to 4.5 European Credits (ECTS) can be transferred from the Aalto Service Leader program to the Aalto Executive MBA or Aalto MBA program.



This program is targeted for directors and top managers seeking growth from new or existing services in B2B or B2C:

  • Corporate directors responsible for strategic development, innovation, marketing, IT or R&D in service business and industrial services
  • Top management in small and medium-sized companies

Personal Benefits

  • Learn to develop innovative service business models and strategies
  • Acquire new knowledge related to creating new markets with digital services
  • Understand how value is created in service networks and ecosystems
  • Apply design-based methods to develop winning customer experiences in services
  • Increase your competence in leading people in transition into a service mindset
  • Network and learn with other executives and directors dealing with similar challenges

Organizational Benefits

  • Acquire methods and tools to design ground-breaking service business models to increase your company’s competitive advantage in a global setting
  • Develop leaders who deliver value by developing new – and growing – services and steer high people performance

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