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Divia - Digital Business Network

In the highly digitalized and rapidly changing business environment of today, innovation and networking have become essential survival tools. Divia brings together key players, the latest topics and up-to-date information in digital business. Research conducted at Aalto University and other international universities meets the latest business cases, providing insight for taking organizations to an entirely new level of digitalization.

Divia is built on six corner stones: technology, innovation, organization, strategy, data and leadership. Over the course of the year, Divia members will gain a comprehensive idea of trends in digital business and a framework for understanding change.

Divia in short:

  • Organization-specific network
  • Six seminars & workshops held in Helsinki over the course of the year
  • Participation available for 10 member organization's employees per seminar
  • Unlimited participation via webcast for all of the member organization's employees
  • Comprehensive seminar archive

Divia Quick Facts

Divia 2017 is starting on April 6, 2017.

All Divia seminars are held at Musiikkitalo, Helsinki.


The annual program fee is organization specific.

Please keep me updated on the program



Divia is for change agents – directors, business managers or experts seeking new standards and innovations for their organization in a rapidly changing business environment.

 Personal Benefits

  • Learn how to ask the right questions to develop your skills
  • Understand the possibilities of major disruptions in global business
  • Develop your skills as a change agent to utilize the changing moments in your career path.

 Organizational Benefits

  • Your staff will be goal oriented, seeking ways to enhance and grow
  • Discover new ways to utilize your organization's full potential by engaging change agents in the change processes
  • Development of organizational culture from collective responsibility to more individual responsibility

Divia Interviews

Risto Sarvas, Futurice

Risto is the chairman of Divia Hackathlon 2017. He has also been a speaker in two Divia seminars in 2015 and 2016, sharing his insights on user-oriented design and lean service creation.

Kaija Pohjala, Cocomms

Kaija was on stage in the last Divia seminar of the year 2016, "Leadership in Digital Era - Managing your Transformation", where she spoke about culture and interaction in global teams.

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