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Skills and Confidence for Managing across Functions in a Global Context

Global Leader is an international program that strengthens the strategic skills of leaders who manage across functions in a multinational environment. What we provide is a unique opportunity to learn more about different areas of business that impact your career potential.

The program has a similar structure, participant profile and studying format as in Aalto Executive MBA program. Global Leader is often utilized as a springboard to Aalto EMBA studies. Find out more how Global Leader can be taken as a springboard to EMBA studies »

Global Leader Quick Facts

At least four weeks before the module starts.

You can start the program from any of the four core modules.
Four core modules of the program run once a year.

Please keep me updated on the program

Global Leader is a compact and flexible study program that can be adapted to your personal development needs and time limitations.

Up to 18 European credits (ECTS) can be transferred from the Global Leader program to the Aalto Executive MBA (EMBA) or Aalto MBA Program.


  • Experienced business and team leaders who require the skills to manage global business operations across borders and functions
  • Experts and specialists who aspire to build competencies and confidence in making strategic decisions

Personal Benefits

  • Broaden understanding of key management issues, especially in an international business environment
  • Build a network and be engaged in a dialogue with international instructors and a peer group of experienced professionals – your fellow participants
  • Widen your global perspectives by studying optional modules in Singapore, Taiwan or the USA

Organizational Benefits

  • Enhance performance through improved strategic, financial and marketing capabilities
  • Increase your ability to implement change effectively
  • Achieve strategic agility and new dynamic capabilities for your organization

Study Tour in the USA

As a Global Leader participant, you will have the option to take part in Aalto Executive MBA study tours.

A study tour normally involves a 4 or 5-day study period designed to provide a more comprehensive understanding of the international business environment. Traditionally these tours have taken EMBA participants to Palo Alto and Boston in the USA. The study tour module program consists of lectures by academics – in Palo Alto professors from Stanford and in Boston professors from Harvard – typically related to the current topics of international corporate strategies, leadership, innovation, finance and the characteristics of the local business environment. Time is also allocated for extracurricular activities to give participants an opportunity to network and meet with the local business community.

There is a separate registration process (limited seats available) and a separate fee for study tours.   

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