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Leading Change

Leading Change is a three-day core module of the Global Leader Program which can also be taken as a stand-alone program. Find out more about Global Leader »

In today’s times of change, the most effective leaders approach change as an opportunity to learn and grow as individuals, teams and organizations. They deal effectively with both the structural side of change and the human side of leading transition. They realize that creating a successful future may require new mindsets and skill sets, and they may need to let go of practices that no longer serve their purpose.

The module focuses on developing strategic skills for leading and implementing strategic change projects in a global context.

Participants will learn about the difference between change and transition and what it takes to maintain a balance between these from a leadership perspective. They will learn about their individual and behavioral preferences regarding change, and how these influence their response to change and overall approach in leading change. They will develop skills in how to lead more effectively and coach both themselves and others through change. And they will receive concrete tools for leading organizational change that they can take back to the workplace.

Up to 4,5 European credits (ECTS) can be transferred from the Leading Change program to the Aalto Executive MBA (EMBA) or Aalto MBA program.

Overall learning objectives:

  • Understand the difference between change and transition
  • Understand your personal change preferences and how they impact your approach to change leadership
  • Develop the competencies and capacities necessary for effective change leadership
  • Gain new tools and perspectives for leading self, others and organizations through change

Contents and Schedule

December 11–13, 2017

The “Leading Change” module uses action learning methods to facilitate a high level of engagement and learning, and relevance to the participants’ real work and change-related challenges.


Christel Berghäll-Högström, PCC-certified Executive Coach, Step Beyond Oy, Finland

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A change process, even a well-planned one, may run aground if the people concerned are not given the opportunity of participating or processing the issue. However, even change resistance can be transformed into an asset, says Christel Berghäll-Högström. Read more »


Experienced managers and business leaders who need the leadership skills in managing change across functions in a global context.

By attending the program you will:

  • Gain an understanding of different approaches  and change processes
  • Strengthen the ability to adopt new methods to deal with change
  • Receive tools to lead people through difficult changes in a constructive way by learning to manage perceptions and outcomes related to change


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