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In our Strategic HR programs, you will enhance the competency in strategic thinking and people management, as well as the ability to align and integrate your HR practices with your company's strategy.

Executive HR

The program brings the strategy and capabilities to the center of HR management. You will develop strategic thinking and understanding of the future of work, and the capacity to apply your knowledge to human resource management in your organization and to your own leadership and influencing skills. The instructors in the program are top professors who use interactive learning methods and emphasize the dialogue between theory and practice.

The next Executive HR program starts in 2018.

Executive HR

Strategic Reward Management

The Strategic Reward Management program helps you develop the reward system in an organization so that it is in alignment with the strategy, culture and other HR practices. Your learning in the program will enable you to analyze the current state of reward management in your organization and develop a feasible reward strategy and practice for the future.

The next Strategic Reward Management program starts in May 2017.

Strategic Reward Management

Strategic Talent Management

This program aligns talent management with the company's strategy. It helps you to develop and implement systems for identifying, attracting, recruiting, developing and retaining talent in your organization. You will leave the program with new knowledge and tools to build success through investing in the competence development of your people.

The next Strategic Talent Management program starts in autumn 2017.

Strategic Talent Management

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