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Pricing Decisions Can Truly Make or Break A Company's Bottom Line

Strategic Pricing is an executive program that looks at pricing from a strategic management perspective. The program proposes alternative approaches that lead to better pricing decisions with a direct impact on a company’s financial performance.

Participants will leave the program with a better understanding of the key parameters and the crucial factors for setting better prices, and with a set of clear tools and frameworks which can be easily implemented to improve the company’s pricing strategy.

Strategic Pricing Quick Facts

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Executives and managers in business-to-business, service and consumer markets who design, evaluate, implement or communicate pricing decisions

The program will be particularly valuable for companies who

  • are looking for points of difference through new pricing models,
  • want to introduce new products or
  • wish to succeed in measuring and communicating the right value to customers.


Program Benefits

  • Gain a strategic and holistic view on pricing
  • Understand the drivers and impact of pricing power
  • Identify opportunities for price customization and maximize the value from customer segments
  • Learn how to capture and communicate value through different pricing strategies
  • Accelerate your pricing and revenue improvement initiative in a learning by doing experience
  • Learn how to use pricing effectively to continuously improve your competitive position
  • Know how to successfully introduce new products and services to sustain growth
  • Learn how to respond intelligently to competition while acknowledging different pricing models
  • Improve the quality of your company’s pricing processes

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