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Towards Strategic Goals with the Right Talent

The core of Strategic Talent Management is understanding the context in which an organization is competing, and the starting point lies in the strategy and strategic capabilities of the organization. To create a competitive advantage, it is crucial to define the critical positions within an organization and then select the right talent to fill them.

Strategic Talent Management Quick Facts

February 14-16, 2018

Helsinki, Finland


The program fee is € 3,500 (+ VAT).

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The Strategic Talent Management program helps you to develop and implement systems for identifying, attracting, recruiting, developing and retaining talent in your organization.


HR and business leaders who are involved in attracting, recruiting and developing talent in their organization overall or in their own teams

By attending the program you will:

  • Learn about the characteristics of a strategic talent management system
  • Understand the link between context, strategy and talent management architecture
  • Learn how to design a talent management system for your organization which is aligned with the strategy and strategic capabilities
  • Learn about the key issues in the implementation of a strategic talent management system
  • Design and develop a strategic talent management process for your organization

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