Reetta Räty

Three game industry gurus explain why it takes more than an ability to design games to succeed.

Professors joined forces to bring practice and theory closer together. It all started from shared frustration.

Mikko Koria

Very recently an interesting phenomenon has been observed – analytically oriented management consultants and global enterprises have started to acquire design capabilities that complement their current offering. This mainstreaming of design and related thinking has taken over a decade and to really hit home - and now it seems that many elements are converging to re-create the playing field of cutting edge global business and their product-service-business model systems.

Annukka Oksanen

In a city of million bicycles, the bike culture has the potential to be big business. Annukka Oksanen talks to Kenneth Bødiker and Christian Linde about how they jumped in with both wheels. Photo by Jussi Puikkonen.

Mikko Laukkanen

The world of business keeps getting more and more complex, and we either learn to manage this complexity or become overwhelmed by it. At least that is the common explanation for why older and perhaps simpler ways of organizing business operations no longer yield the results they once did or when justifying why our organizations must endure yet another painful re- structuring.

Amanda Thurman

Life moves fast and so does business. But are we really achieving our best if we always have our eye on the next deadline and never have time to stop and reflect? Ilkka Halava, futurologist and business coach, and Dr Mika Pantzar, research professor and lecturer, have been looking at how working life is changing and how businesses sometimes need to allow us the time to take things at our own pace.

Riitta Sirén

Göran Roos – professor, academic, entrepreneur and pioneer in intangibles – currently works for the South Australian premier’s office as Thinker in Residence in the “Manufacturing for the Future” venture.

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