Anu Partanen

Designer and creative director Johanna Uurasjärvi learned her lessons early. Take care of your own brand. If the product doesn’t sell, change it. And if in America, smile. Those lessons have taken her to the top of American design industry. Journalist Anu Partanen met Uurasjärvi in New York. 

Ville Blåfield

Finnish design house Artek now continues its life as part of Swiss company Vitra. Mirkku Kullberg, Artek’s former CEO and current Chairman of the Board, talks to journalist Ville Blåfield about the way cultural heritage can be turned into business. 

Ville Blåfield

Artist Riitta Nelimarkka is renowned for her strong style and doctoral dissertation that caused a scandal in its day. Journalist Ville Blåfield met with the artist at her unique atelier, discovering how the artist’s voice emerges through conflict.

Heidi Hammarsten

Jaana Beidler rose up the ranks of Patagonia and Nike design management and leadership. Now she wants to share what she has learned during her twenty-year design career in the United States.

Heidi Hammarsten

The earlier a designer is involved in product development, the more added value is created. That is the lesson learned by Mikko Veikkolainen and Jari Kettunen of Kemppi, a manufacturer of welding equipment.

Mikko Koria

Very recently an interesting phenomenon has been observed – analytically oriented management consultants and global enterprises have started to acquire design capabilities that complement their current offering. This mainstreaming of design and related thinking has taken over a decade and to really hit home - and now it seems that many elements are converging to re-create the playing field of cutting edge global business and their product-service-business model systems.

Satu Alavalkama

The Aalto University Design Factory is a new research and learning environment for product development. Located on the Otaniemi campus, the multidisciplinary community devises new solutions in cooperation with international university and business partners.

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