Reetta Räty

A fast-growing startup may turn into its founder’s worst nightmare - just another ordinary large company. How to run a startup without growth getting in the way of passion and creative chaos? Journalist Reetta Räty chats with Senior Advisor Hans Henrik Lund.

Ville Blåfield

“Nothing like this has ever been done before”, says Fabian Sepulveda, Senior Advisor at Aalto ENT.

Miki Kuusi

Miki Kuusi, the main organizer of Slush, reminisces on the startup event’s early days back in 2011. How is a small startup gathering transformed into a huge global festival?

William Cardwell

It’s a way of conceptualizing and living your startup life that will ensure that you have enough cash to run your business. The simple thing to keep in mind is that “Great Things Happen To Companies That Stay In Business”, so “Don’t Run Out Of Cash”!

Minna Wickholm

Spot on The Guardian! ”This surge in successful startups reflects an emerging culture of young entrepreneurship in Finland. Startup Sauna, a co-working hub and Slush, a startup conference now said to be the largest event of its kind in northern Europe, are new staples of the Finnish entrepreneurial scene. And thousands of young Finns are beginning to identify themselves as entrepreneurs.”

Will Cardwell

Sharing experiences
Faculty: Will Cardwell

“Modern entrepreneurship is about discovering and developing customers. This process applied to both large companies and even the public sector, as well as startup companies.

Mark Badham

Entrepreneurship is often associated with startups, but does it also apply to governments and to medium-sized and larger enterprises? We recently asked this question of Mike Lyons, a Stanford University Consulting Associate Professor who has been practicing and teaching entrepreneurship for about 30 years. In fact, Mike has been involved with entrepreneurship education at Aalto University for a number of years now.

Katja Alaja

William Wolfram founded his first company at the age of 13. He is now 20 and heads DealDash, a fast-growing e-commerce company. DealDash auction site encourages bidders to interact and compete against each other to buy products at a fair price. If a bidder fails to win a product, he can buy it at a fair price and his bids will be refunded. Between 2010 and 2011, the turnover of the company grew by over 300% to 6.2 million euros. Wired magazine has featured DealDash as one of the leading European startups.

Amanda Thurman

When we think of an entrepreneur we think of a creative, passionate, visionary, determined, hardworking, competitive risk-taker. But what combination of characteristics leads to outstanding success? Is it a combination of personality and a certain amount of serendipity, good old-fashioned luck?

That hard work, dedication, creativity, good business sense, and the heart of a gambler are some of the traits of a successful entrepreneur is clear, but there is also an element of luck and serendipity at play. Successful people are able to react to life’s uncertainties and maximize events that come their way. What combination of the right traits and luck does it take to be a success and what can we learn from these “lucky” people?

Riitta Sirén

Anne-Liisa Palmu is the former Head of Legal Affairs at Nokia Mobile Phones. She spent 17 years at Nokia and witnessed the rapid growth years as part of Nokia’s top management. Today, she is an entrepreneur, author and lecturer.


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