Adam Gordon

Dr. Adam Gordon writes about strategic foresight and how to do it. There is a whole toolbox of qualitative foresight tools, that range from horizon scanning to systems dynamics to scenario planning, among various options.

Elina Hiltunen

When it comes to the future be humble but not subservient, is my motto. What do I mean with these words?

Joanna Sinclair

For a business looking to thrive in the long run, sustainability is really not an alternative, it is the only option.

Mika Aaltonen

How do companies envision and build their future? What presumptions do they rely on in doing so? What changes do they prepare for? And what if they are mistaken?

Joanna Sinclair

Aalto EE's Profile spoke to Stefan Einhorn, Mika Pantzar and Sari Stenfors to take a look into our future. The three forerunner interviews shared the same goal: to find out where we are in history right now in terms of change.

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