Ville Korhonen

“Without creativity, a sense of wonder and play, none of the great achievements in science or art would’ve been born. When we know how to foster these skills in schools, our children have the best opportunities to grow up to be happy and skilled people,” says Kirsti Lonka, Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Helsinki.

Tommy Jacobson

What's what in cleantech, drivers and characteristics? Dr. Tommy Jacobson writes about cleantech and innovations from Finnish perspective.

Mikko Koria

Very recently an interesting phenomenon has been observed – analytically oriented management consultants and global enterprises have started to acquire design capabilities that complement their current offering. This mainstreaming of design and related thinking has taken over a decade and to really hit home - and now it seems that many elements are converging to re-create the playing field of cutting edge global business and their product-service-business model systems.

Mikko Laukkanen

Organizations throughout the world, and especially in developed economies, are looking to use innovations as a way to create new markets or out-compete their competition. These innovations can take many forms, from product to service innovations, business model to process innovations, or from incremental to radical innovations.

A new seminar series by Aalto EE and HAUS Finnish Institute of Public Management Ltd for the leaders in the Finnish public sector, ‘Muutosvoimat julkisessa johtamisessa’, starts in January. One of the seminar lecturers, Chief Executive at innovation charity organization Nesta, Mr. Geoff Mulgan, answered a few questions about public sector innovations, a topic he is also speaking about at the first seminar on January 30.

Aalto EE invited more than a hundred Aalto Executive MBA students to Helsinki on August 25-30, 2014 for the seventh EMBA International Week. This year iWeek concentrated on entrepreneurship and innovation within the organization as a strategic dimension.

Joanna Sinclair

“Most everyone knows that innovation is defined as the vibrant and dynamic fusion of invention and commercialization. For some reason, far too many companies – let alone governments – seem to forget what commercialization means. I will give you a hint: it has to do with sales and customers,” says Ken Morse, serial entrepreneur, angel investor, global sales veteran, Visiting Professor at ESADE Business School, Founding Managing Director at MIT Entrepreneurship Center 1996-2009 and Chairman of Entrepreneurship Ventures Inc.

Marikka Nevamäki

Sajid Niazi is a Senior Software Architect at Tieto, an entrepreneur and a student in the Aalto Part-time MBA Program. He has developed an iPhone application called Dream Talk Recorder, which has been downloaded by over 300,000 users worldwide.

Amanda Thurman

Wine is not a drink to rush. But although those in the winemaking business must take their time over their art, that measured pace must be balanced with the more immediate demands of capitalism and fast-changing consumer trends. The Torres family have the balance right – they have been making wine for 140 years and have consistently managed to produce exactly what the consumer is after.

Katja Alaja

Who says learning has to take place only in the classroom? When we unleashed students to apply their learning to leading international companies, innovative ideas resulted.


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