Anna-Maija Ahonen and Anne Nylund

”Be present, enjoy and learn from others!” “Learn decision-making skills and applying knowledge in practice!” “Find ways of coping in the changing business environment.” “Get a theoretical foundation for business.”

Paula Salovaara

Aalto MBA Journal will be following Kai Rönnberg’s studies until his graduation. Over the next year and a half, Kai Rönnberg will be giving regular updates on his studies, as he reflects on interesting, amusing, and also difficult moments along the way in these interviews for Aalto MBA Journal. His aim is to graduate at the end of 2017, but there is still plenty to do before hitting that milestone.

Joanna Sinclair

In January 2014 David Schär set out to achieve a courageous quest. His plan was to obtain an MBA at Aalto University Executive Education in record schedule and finish 20 modules in 12 study months – and pick up the bill for his own studies.

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