Joanna Sinclair

Enterprise Cloud Company ServiceNow’s Vice President of Asia Pacific and Japan, Aalto EE alumnus, James Fitzgerald has a 25-year rock-solid track record of considerable business achievement.

Heidi Hammarsten

As economic sanctions are lifted, Iran abounds in new opportunities, which is a cause of joy for Iranian Aalto EMBA students. The students are already well versed in international business and entrepreneurship.

Paula Salovaara

Paulina Ahokas, Managing Director of Tampere Hall and a long time expert on cultural life in Finland, says she now has an amazing network to call upon when she needs answers. She built the network while studying in the Aalto Executive MBA program.

Paula Salovaara

Gonzalo Giambruno, Director, Biorefining, UPM, used to work in the HR department while in Finland. His job now is on the business side. 

Paula Salovaara

One might think that the head lawyer at a big international company has no lack of selfconfidence in work-related issues. But the role of company lawyer can be a box where you get stuck, says Sami Pauni, Senior Vice President, Huhtamäki.

Paula Salovaara

“I realized that I have all this time!” One of the big insights during the Aalto Executive MBA program for Tessa Ahosalmi, Sales and Marketing Director, Algo Pharma Oy, was that you can do so many things if you get your priorities right and challenge yourself.

Paula Salovaara

Journalist and entrepreneur Paula Salovaara says the most valuable asset she gained from her Aalto Executive MBA years were the friendships.

Kirsi Riipinen

Small talk around the water cooler? Today, meeting points are often virtual, but a good network and capable partners are still the most efficient path to growth. It all began with three start-up companies and a shared vision of technological change. The companies decided to merge, join the network economy and go for aggressive growth.

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