Tia Pulli

The world is changing through digitalization and virtualization and this change will inevitably affect work and business life in various ways.

Marikka Nevamäki

Mika Okkola is a Director, Developer and Platform Evangelist at Microsoft Finland. He has a special interest in organizational development and digital working environments. Prior to moving to Microsoft he held several executive positions, most recently at Quartal, Defcom, and WM‐data.

Joanna Sinclair

Aalto EE's Profile spoke to Stefan Einhorn, Mika Pantzar and Sari Stenfors to take a look into our future. The three forerunner interviews shared the same goal: to find out where we are in history right now in terms of change.

Joanna Sinclair

Virtually none of them will succeed if you trust them to work well and achieve results on their own. While co-located teams can, and often do strive without hands-on leadership, virtual teams are like child protégés: they may produce amazing results, but only with constant support, fair rules and clear guidelines provided by a strong leader.

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