Vlog of my Aalto MBA Journey

Aalto MBA participant Henna Hynynen shares in this vlog her journey in the program.

Henna Hynynen, 04.06.2020

2nd Episode: What is an Aalto MBA Module and How to Get Most out of It?

"I always start working on the pre-assignment as soon as possible. There is a small overlap with the previous model's final assignment so what I usually do is that I complete that one first and once that is ready, I will jump on into the new subject."

In the second episode, Henna Hynynen tells what is needed for the module. What assignments are required? How long is the learning process, and how do I prepare myself for these modules? What about after the module?

1st Episode: How Did Everything Start?

"I was so eagerly waiting for the information. I was going back and forth with my email. And soon, there it was. The message found my inbox. The title said, "Congratulations, you have been selected to the Aalto MBA Program of 2019." That moment was such a good moment for me. I just wanted to get up and scream to everyone: 'Hey, I have been selected!'" 

In the first episode, Henna Hynynen reveals why did she apply to the program, how was the application process, what kind of feelings did she have during the process and what did she learn from the first module.

More episodes are coming up. Aalto MBA for Executives is a life-changing program for experienced professionals who want to transform their professional future and become business leaders with an innovative and sustainable mindset. Read more.


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