About Us

Aalto University Executive Education Ltd provides executive education, professional development services and training with three brands that have strong links to the Aalto Community. It is our mission to build a better world through better leadership.

Each year, around 6,000 people from 1,000 organizations benefit from our impactful, goal-oriented and comprehensive learning experience. We nurture and develop the knowledge and skills of individuals and foster self-confidence. We build individual learning paths and meaningful careers, as well as architectures for developing competence in entire organizations. You will also create the best business networks with us.

Aalto EE for management and leaders

We offer high-quality leadership development services that create winning organizations. Our programs facilitate a meaningful learning path and career development for individuals. Success in international rankings also attests to our quality – we rank among the top 50 executive education providers worldwide.

Aalto PRO for experts

We provide a professional head start. Aalto PRO is for experts and managers to whom the latest methods and knowledge are indispensable in the face of a changing world. Aalto PRO offers a versatile selection of more than 50 educational programs every year.

Aalto ENT for entrepreneurs

We promote ambitious entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship, aiming at faster than average growth. Aalto ENT understands the challenges of entrepreneurship and offers agile and practical solutions to develop companies' business operations and create new business.

The Aalto University Executive Education Group also includes:

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Aalto University Executive Education Ltd is wholly owned by Aalto University. Through its cooperation with Aalto University, Aalto University Executive Education Ltd brings a multi-disciplinary approach and new, innovative learning methods to the development of experts and leaders.

Aalto University Executive Education Ltd has two strongholds: our Helsinki office coordinates our operations in Europe, while Asia-Pacific operations are led from Singapore. In addition to Finland and Singapore, Aalto University Executive Education offers education programs in China, Estonia, Indonesia, Iran, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Tanzania, Vietnam and the United States.

Vision and Strategy

Our objective is to continue on the path of profitable growth and attain a turnover of EUR 30 million by the end of 2020. We aim at undisputed market leadership in the Nordic countries and consolidating our position as a major player among the best European business management trainers. We will build a position as a regional thought leader, leaning on Aalto University's strengths such as entrepreneurship, design, innovation and research and development. In Aalto University, art and science meet technology and business, which makes it a globally unique multi-disciplinary university.

We want to be known for impactful, goal-oriented, and comprehensive learning experiences and a unique customer experience. To our network of alumni, we offer diverse opportunities for constant improvement, absorbing new information and global networking. We work in an agile and efficient fashion, together with our strategic partners and extensive partnership network. As a thought leader, we nurture the high quality of our content and always offer the most up-to-date and relevant training contents to our customers. We do not resort to light and trendy subjects with unconvincing theoretic or empirical bases and no capacity to create long-term, measurable impact. We construct multi-faceted learning packages by combining the best of modern teaching methods and interaction channels. We manage our own operations on the basis of strategic capabilities, always taking the long view.

Financial Indicators

The operations of Aalto University Executive Education Ltd provide a sizeable income to the university community in various forms such as dividends, tuition fees and rents. In 2017, the financial footprint of Aalto University Executive Education in the Aalto community amounted to approximately EUR 3.1 million (EUR 2.6 million in 2016).

Key Figures 2014 2015 2016 2017
Turnover, MEUR 17.0 17.1 19.3 20.4
Operating profit, MEUR 0.2 0.4 1.5 0.8
Number of locations in which Aalto University Executive Education Ltd provides executive education programs 10 11 12 13
Number of personnel, on average 107 103 91 100


Accreditations and Networks

Aalto University Executive Education Ltd is an internationally recognized executive education and leadership development organization. As a part of Aalto University we hold the 'Triple Crown' of accreditations, the three most respected business university accreditations, granted to only 0.5% of world's business schools: AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS.

One of Aalto EE’s strengths is diverse international network through which we keep ourselves up to date on the latest international knowledge and trends: UNICON (The International University Consortium for Executive Education), EFMD (The European Foundation for Management Development) and PIM (Partnership in International Management). Aalto University School of Business is also a member of CEMS, a network united by the leading European universities and major companies.

Financial Times Rankings

Aalto EE ranked 39th globally in the Financial Times Executive Education overall ranking in 2018, and therefore is within the top one percent of executive education providers in the world. The Financial Times ranking includes only the top 50 executive education providers. Globally, executive education and MBA programs are offered by around 4,000 institutes.

In 2018, Aalto Executive MBA was again the only Finnish program to hold onto its place among the top 100 in the Financial Times’ annual global ranking. Aalto EE’s EMBA program ranks 46th in Europe and 93rd overall. Over 3,000 EMBA programs are currently being offered around the world, with only the top 100 making it onto the Financial Times' ranking.


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