Deep Dive Asia Program

Aalto University Executive Education invites companies to deep dive programs in South East Asia through our hub office in Singapore. Singapore, an essential business hub, is a microcosm of economic, technological and cultural trends which makes it an outstanding location choice for the program.

Our presence in Singapore since 1999 gives us the added advantage of in-depth local knowledge, while our state-of-the-art facilities in the heart of Singapore provide an excellent learning environment for participants.
The strong alumni network that we have built up over many years provides robust linkages with industry and offers excellent networking opportunities for participants.

The program is tailored to emphasize selected markets and areas of interest according to the attributes and interests of the group (e.g. innovation and entrepreneurship, impact of digital transformation on customer experience, healthtech innovation boom).

Organizational Benefits

  • Gaining new knowledge, insights and a fresh perspective on the vibrant Singapore/South East Asian ecosystem.
  • Acquiring vital market access insights and analyzing competitor market strategies.
  • Building relationships with regional/local business leaders, start-up companies and prominent public officials.
  • Benchmarking and learning from best practices – the fast, modern and evolving Asian economy and markets.

Curated Experiences

At Aalto EE, we believe in providing curated experiences. The program will be specially designed and tailored to meet the needs and expectations of the customer. Customization parameters include the following:

  • Location – Singapore is the central location for the deep dive program. However, we can add other South East Asian locations depending on the brief from the client.
  • Areas of Interest – The program can be tailored to different industries or ecosystems that are prominent in the region. Program elements will be designed according to group composition and requirements.
  • Number of Participants – The program can be offered to different group sizes. The ideal number is usually 20–30.
  • Learning Methodologies – Participating organizations can co-create the program to incorporate the learning methodologies which best suit their learning objectives (guest speakers, discovery visits, live cases, workshops, thinkathons and others).

Program Fee

The fee will be confirmed depending on the elements and length of the agreed Deep Dive Asia program. Please contact us for further details.


"The AaltoJOKO® trip to Singapore supported networking and was really interesting. I was able to step away from the lawyer’s role and learned much about innovation. The program opened new ways of thinking which I will certainly use in my work. Another great benefit was that during the trip, I became acquainted with participants from other AaltoJOKO® programs."

Mari Mustakoski, Senior Vice President, Legal Affairs, Veikkaus


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