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Advanced Management

Senior executives have holistic responsibility for their organizations and their staff. In the middle of day-to-day successes and challenges, it is important to develop your leadership skills and increase your understanding of the changing social and political business environment.

Aalto EE's training programs for advanced management are aimed at board members and senior management. They are designed for executives looking for a program with an effective learning experience that fits their busy schedule and provides them with personal and professional added value right from the first day of training.


New Perspectives and Ways of Thinking

Aalto EE’s advanced management training programs designed exclusively for the needs of senior management bring leaders together to discuss and anticipate new opportunities.

Executives who have participated in the programs have said they have given new perspectives and ways of thinking."

Aalto EE's programs increase the ability to be creative in today's complex global business environment and lead organizational change. They provide a broad view of the global economy and the impact of current megatrends on the performance of organizations. The programs will continue to support participants ’successful businesses in the future while maintaining their strategic agility.

Executives who have participated in the programs have reported that they have got new perspectives and ways of thinking. It is particularly appreciated that the programs cover a wide range of areas and provide a wide range of personal and professional development tools.

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