The pace of digitalization is accelerating. A business manager needs to understand which emerging technologies will have an impact on their particular business environment and how the digital transformation can be managed.

Digitalization affects organizational culture and the nature and structures of work, and demands an ability to address strategic issues in the light of current knowledge and future scenarios. The changes are challenging the present ‘safe-approach’ operating models whose life cycle is coming to an end. Aalto EE's programs will deepen participants' understanding of the different aspects of digitalization on the eve of the emerging artificial intelligence era, and provide the basis for competitiveness in the near future.

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Graduate Diploma in Technology

The program combines senior decision makers’ management experience with the skills and competences to use and apply new technologies for the creation of new value. The program also helps to cut through the noise about digitalization, focusing on what really matters for businesses. Start November 29, 2018.

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