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We will help you develop your knowledge and expertise in creativity, leadership, and strategic innovation. You will be provided with the understanding and tools to innovate and lead your business in a digitalized world of networks, create business models that drive growth and adoption while delivering attractive returns, and design new solutions that create value for the customer and your business.

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Are you interested in learning more about our Innovation and Future themed portfolio? In the brochure, you will find a summary of the theme and related programs.

Innovation and Future Portfolio Brochure


In the Innovation and Future brochure, you will find a summary of the theme and related programs.

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Customized Solutions

We co-create with organizations impactful and inspirational training solutions and help our customers to develop continuously and address current and future business challenges. Our co-partnership design process ensures a unique learning experience and measurable business impact. Every aspect of the solution is tailored to meet the needs and expectations of the customer – from content to faculty, learning methods, location, and social events.

Featured Insights

Call for Strategic Innovation

All over the world, forward-thinking companies are seeking growth by creating innovative business models, establishing themselves in new markets, and developing new partnering models. Forerunner companies actively strive to establish themselves as the power players and leading creators of new business ecosystems. In the global market, even smaller niche players can succeed with innovative business models and deep customer insight.

This calls for strategic innovation capabilities, the understanding and competencies required to develop business models and build new value networks in a platform economy, and the ability to lead change. Innovation capabilities are vital to ensuring business continuity and keeping jobs in the high-cost countries of the West.

Servitization continues to evolve, changing industry and branch structures."

Servitization continues to evolve, changing industry and branch structures. At the same time, companies and organizations are striving to servitize their businesses, products, and customer processes. Furthermore, companies that once built services around their products now often aim to develop products that can be embedded in their services. The final offerings are frequently produced in complex networks. To succeed in the digitalized world, traditional B2B service providers also need to step up their service productization capabilities and leverage customer insight.

Renewing business through digitalization

Digitalization has dramatic implications for revenues, profits, and business opportunities. Digital platforms and the platform economy are disruptive transformations, influencing how companies do business. The digitalization of products and services is shaping traditional business models and blurring boundaries in business and the public sector.

Most of the world’s most valuable brands are associated with digital platforms."

Most of the world’s most valuable brands are associated with digital platforms. One-tenth of the US labor force participates in a platform-mediated “on-demand economy,” “sharing economy,” or “gig economy” in some way or other. The platform economy is less prevalent in Finland, and the country plays a minor role in providing such global consumer platforms. However, Finland has successfully used platforms and has good leads in emerging industrial platforms. Digital service ecosystems and platforms may provide Finland with an important competitive factor. Finnish companies have the potential to succeed in the platform economy, particularly if they can focus their existing strengths and competencies on industrial digital platforms. Health and wellness, the bio-economy, forest economy, and Mobility as a Service are areas where Finnish companies have a competitive advantage in the global market.

Bringing innovation to markets

In the innovation economy, bringing services and products to the global market and scaling them up is more challenging for many European companies than their Asian counterparts. In the service and platform economy, even small players have opportunities to grow and succeed based on unique business models. This calls for building competencies in commercialization as part of the innovation process.

Leading organizational change and creativity

In innovation management, organizations seek new ways of transforming their practices and processes and developing more agile structures. The key is ambidexterity, securing the core business while developing new initiatives and innovating. This calls for exploration and exploitation in both business management and business models.

This requires an understanding of how work and work processes are transformed and the capability to lead and influence people’s attitudes and motivation."

In innovation leadership, the crucial question is how to lead change, enhance creativity, and develop the capacity to deliver change within an organization. This requires an understanding of how work and work processes are transformed and the capability to lead and influence people’s attitudes and motivation. Digital transformation is a major driver of change in organizational cultures and work. To manage such change, leaders must develop their understanding of the challenges it brings and improve their capabilities to lead people and renew processes and practices.

Design-led innovation

Innovation practices must evolve to match the need for business renewal. The key factor is to genuinely focus on customer needs and new ways of creating value. Design-led innovation offers valuable insights and methods for achieving this. Design Thinking is a methodology for taking a practical and creative approach to solving business challenges. Design Thinking methods guide companies toward rethinking and reframing problems and acquiring new insights into idea development.

Design Thinking will help you to enhance your creativity and capability to innovate. Combined with business innovation methodology, Design Thinking forms a powerful and actionable approach to innovation. Such an approach and methodology can be applied to developing products, services, and organizational practices.

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