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Aalto Future of Work – Networking Springboard

A must attend event to prepare you and your business for the future of work.

On Monday October 7, 2019 at 8.30 – 12.00, Dipoli, Otaniemi

The fast pace of continuous change and its various dimensions and consequences, including; the changing nature of work, artificial intelligence, automatization, robotization, and virtual technologies, both interests and challenge researchers, business and people leaders around the world. Some describes the current era as the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”.

What are the key challenges and opportunities for business and society? What does this all mean and how should we prepare ourselves for the future? 

We are inviting you to take part in discussing these hot topics with us. Aalto University Future of Work program leaders together with Aalto EE  facilitators guide you through the topic in our Aalto Future of Work networking springboard event. What are the implications to business and people, including the latest developments in research, collaboration with the business world and across the societal boundaries?

Four of the Aalto University Future of Work research streams will be presented at the event. The participants will have a chance to share their views and challenge the experts, whilst attending roundtable discussions and an interactive workshop within their chosen research topic area.

Group discussions will be led and facilitated by the research leads and Aalto EE facilitators.

The event is aimed at strategic business and people leaders and policymakers, including Aalto EE collaborators, clients and alumni.

Why to attend?

An exceptional possibility for you and your team to meet, discuss and debate with all the leading Aalto University Future of Work researchers and Aalto EE representatives at the same event.

You will have a chance to network and initiate future collaborations widely professionally, as the event will attract participants, business and people leaders, from different industries and sectors.


You will gain the latest insights into the phenomenon of future of work, both from the academia and the business world.



Program Schedule

Venue: DIPOLI, Otakaari 24, Otaniemi, Espoo, Kaleva Hall

8:30 Breakfast & networking

Opening of the event: creating a leading hub of excellence on future of work and leadership

Hertta Vuorenmaa, Research Program Director (Future of Work) & Minna Wickholm, Business Area Director, Aalto EE & Bella Sillman, Event Director and Senior Competence Manager, Aalto EE


Keynote: Future of work now – what, why, how?

Professor Eero Vaara, Principal Investigator (Future of Work) and Hertta Vuorenmaa, Post-doctoral Researcher & Research Program Director (Future of Work) will give an overview of some of the key trends of Future of Work; what is changing, how and what do the changes mean for everyday work, management and leadership.


Introduction of the five research streams:


1. New Forms of Strategy Work

Eero Vaara, Professor of Organization and Management at Aalto University School of Business & the Leader of the Future of Work Program

New forms of strategy work focuses on novel ways to use practices and tools (such as big data) in strategy making.


2. New Industries and Business Models

Taija Turunen, Assistant Professor, Design Business Management, Department of Management Studies

New industries and business models addresses novel forms of exchange in sharing economy, paradigm shifts in raw materials, and energy transition, connecting organizational research with technological advances.


3. New Types of Servitization

Risto Rajala, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management at Aalto University School of Business & Adjunct Research Professor, Carleton University, Canada.

New types of servitization of industrial operations driven by digital transformation employs machine learning to explore service strategies rooted in algorithmic microtransactions, cryptocurrencies and digital platforms for business.


4. New Ways of Managing People 1

Kristiina Mäkelä, Provost of Aalto University, Professor of International Business, Department of Management Studies

New ways of managing people explores orchestrating and inspiring experts across geographical, cultural, functional and organizational boundaries, and forming virtual and distributed work influence employee experiences, talent management, well-being, and performance.


5. New Ways of Managing People 2

Juha Äkräs, Executive in Residence, Aalto University and Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors, Hintsa Performance

Juha will present some of the interesting preliminary results of the on-going Exponential Work research.


Break (15 mins)


Roundtable discussion between the researchers and participants including an interactive workshop

Format: 5 research stream groups (45 mins)


Q&A, discussion & wrapping up of the event


Event ends



Program start