Maija Astikainen’s One-Dog Policy at Bang Bang Gallery

The exhibition "One-Dog Policy" by photographer Maija Astikainen has opened in the Bang Bang Gallery. The Gallery is located in Aalto EE’s premises in the main building of the Aalto University School of Business.


- Dogs have become our family members and furry babies. They represent simultaneously fragments of wild nature inside our homes and similar creatures, kind of special humans. They are like us, but still others. The exhibition contemplates the roles that we assign to dogs. The photos play with anthropomorphism, the habit of adding human characteristics to animals. The illusion of likeness leads to misinterpretation. Dogs look guilty or depressed, laughing or blaming. They become imaginary persons, explains Gallerist Heli Mäenpää of the Bang Bang Gallery.

Maija Astikainen has been photographing One-Dog Policy since 2010 in Finland, UK and Spain. The exhibition includes 26 portraits of dogs. The series has spreader widely on dozens respected international photography blogs including Mashable, Bored Panda, Feature Shoot, Telegraph etc. One-Dog Policy will be also published as a book during autumn 2016 by Khaos Publishing.

Maija Astikainen (born 1985 in Helsinki, Finland) has studied BA and MA in Aalto University School of Art, Design and Architecture. In her personal work she is interested in the relationship of human, nature and urbanism. Her first book on urban gardens, Horticultured Cities, was published 2014. She lives and works in Helsinki.

The exhibition is open by appointment until 5.1.2017, please contact and we have an open house on 2.11.2016 17-19.

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