Russian and Lithuanian leaders are learning about innovation management at Aalto EE


Aalto EE has cooperated with St. Petersburg University’s Graduate School of Management (GSOM) for several years in different academic fields. One of the most important forms of our cooperation is an innovation management elective module for GSOM’s EMBA participants. The participants of this very popular and ambitious four-day module will learn how to “build innovation powerhouses” and enhance management innovation to name a few topics the faculty from Aalto University will cover. The module will take place 15.-18.2.2017 at Aalto EE premises of Mechelininkatu.

We are very proud of this cooperation at Aalto EE. GSOM is the top business school in Russia with an established EMBA program and cooperation with other renowned business schools in Europe and in the United States.

Thirty five top leaders from various Russian companies covering several industries start their innovation journey by hearing about a live case they will work upon during the module. The underlying idea is to look at a company or e.g. a business model some of the participants work with, to apply the ideas and learning they gain during the module in order to see, whether something totally new and innovative can be developed. The presentations will be “judged” by other teams, and the best one will receive an award. This signature method (Live case) of Aalto EE has proven to be a very effective way to experiment something new and break out of the status quo. 

Company visits and guest speakers are also included in the full agenda of the four days; the participants will hear how Fazer’s new Visitor’s Center came about from the designer himself, Kivi Sotamaa. After the presentation they get to see the actual center during a visit to Fazerila. Tikkurila paint manufacturers’ will certainly be an interesting place to visit, the participants will learn how innovation in part of the strategy of Tikkurila and see how paint is manufactured during a factory round. Fira Oy will also give interesting insight to innovation in the construction industry. 

This is the sixth time we get visitors form St. Petersburg for the module which is developing based on the feedback we get. This happens without compromising on the academic quality or the impact we want to create. One more thing that never changes; the participants’ experience needs to be unforgettable and lead to new ideas they get to experiment first during the module and then, hopefully, in their own organizations.

This is the second time we have the pleasure of welcoming participants from BMI (Baltic Management Institute), Lithuania. They are participating in this module as part of the academic mobility program between GSOM and BMI. We warmly welcome all of the participants to Helsinki!