Important Information on Aalto University Executive Education Ltd's Activities and Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Aalto University Executive Education Ltd, takes the Covid-19 situation extremely seriously and takes every precaution to make sure that our clients, employees, and guests are safe. During the pandemic we have had no Covid-19 exposure cases at our premises.


[updated on October 11, 2021, at 09:25]

Health security at Aalto EE premises 

Aalto University Executive Education Ltd. aims to ensure a safe participation in our programs and events held at our premises. 

Program participation 

Our programs are currently being delivered either online, in hybrid, or onsite format. Regardless of the abolishment of restrictions related to number of people allowed in facilities, we continue to ensure a safe program participation by restricting the classroom usage to only 75% of the maximum capacity of each facility.  

General instructions to our participants, personnel, and guests 

Face masks. When attending a program module at our premises, you can determine whether you wear a face mask or not at your own discretion. However, we highly recommend using a face mask in crowded situations or when sitting in close proximity to others e.g. in a classroom. Aalto EE staff will be wearing masks in in situations where it is difficult to maintain an adequate distance to others. 

Hand hygiene. Good hand hygiene is vital. We also have several points around our premises for disinfecting your hands, both in our classrooms as well as in the lounge areas. 

Safety distance. Our training facilities have been arranged so that a one-meter safety distance is maintained while seated. We recommend that during the day, a safety distance is maintained in relation to other guests, faculty, and personnel in all situations, also outside the classrooms. 

Moving around. We recommend our guests to stay mainly inside own training facility and its immediate proximity, avoiding unnecessary stay in the common areas. There will be other visitor groups in our premises during the training day. 

Symptoms. We kindly ask you to take part in our programs onsite only when you are in full health. If you suffer from respiratory symptoms, fever etc. known Covid-19 symptoms, we request you to take part in the training online, provided that this option is viable in the program. If you experience symptoms during the training day, please consult our staff. 

Catering. Breaks and lunch times are spread over the day to minimize unnecessary contacts between the participant groups. 

Travelling and the Covid-19 pandemic. Related to travel and the Covid-19 pandemic, Aalto EE applies the current guidelines and restrictions of the Finnish authorities (Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, THL). Please see the current guidelines here.