Important Information on Aalto University Executive Education Ltd's Activities and Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Aalto University Executive Education Ltd, takes the Covid-19 situation extremely seriously and takes every precaution to make sure that our clients, employees, and guests are safe. During the pandemic we have had no Covid-19 exposure cases at our premises.


[updated on June 16, 2021, at 11.29]

Internal Task Force

Aalto EE's internal task force is working on a daily basis to review and carefully assess information about the pandemic and its impact around the world from a wide range of sources, such as the WHO, Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), the Finnish Government and Aalto University, as well as the organizations we work with.

Program Participation

Our programs are for the time being delivered either online or in hybrid. Hybrid deliveries, in which some participants attend our programs at our premises while others follow them online, are subject to the current regional guidelines. The guidelines state that a safety distance of 2 meters must be maintained at all times. This regulates the number of people that can be present in lecture halls, thus we need to limit the number of participants present in each lecture hall. We are following all restrictions very closely and will inform our participants and customers of any changes regarding program participation.

You can confidently participate in the programs you have enrolled in, as well as register for future groups. Please do not hesitate to contact the related program staff in case you have any questions or concerns related to your program attendance.

Remote work

The staff is working both remotely and in the office. The amount of staff in the office is restricted and is monitored closely. There are guidelines for the staff to follow when present at the office.

Guests and traveling

Related to travel and the COVID-19 pandemic, Aalto EE applies the current guidelines and restrictions of the Finnish authorities (Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, THL). Please see the current guidelines here

General instructions to our clients, staff, and partners

We are committed to the safety of our visitors/participants and our staff and want to provide a safe environment for us all. We will take the following measures to secure the safety of our clients and staff, and ask our clients to follow these instructions, too. Please read them carefully before attending your module.

  • Arrival. When arriving in the Aalto EE building, please maintain a safety distance at all times. Do reserve some extra time for the arrival. Only one person at a time is allowed in the elevator. 
  • Masks. When participating in program modules at our premises, wearing a mask is obligatory. This applies to both clients and our staff. However, the instructor can be without a mask when lecturing.We ask you kindly to have your own mask with you when attending the program module. Aalto EE has a small reserve of masks in case an extra one is needed. Please follow the general instructions on how the mask should be used. Link to WHO’s guidelines »
  • Hand hygiene. Please wash your hands meticulously e.g. when arriving from outdoors, before and after meals. We also have several points around our premises for disinfecting your hands. In the bathroom facilities we have soap, hand disinfectant, and disposable hand towels.
  • Safety distance. Our training facilities have been arranged so that a two-meter safety distance is maintained while seated. We recommend that during the day, a minimum of one-meter safety distance is maintained in relation to other guests, faculty, and personnel in all situations. Only a few people are allowed in the bathroom facilities at a time. Please maintain the safety distance also in the queuing situations outside the facilities.
  • Symptoms. If you suffer from even mild symptoms such as respiratory difficulties, fever etc. known Covid-19 symptoms, we request you to take part in the training online. If you experience symptoms during the training day, please consult our staff. In the case of symptoms occurring, we kindly ask for an immediate departure due to the risk of infection.
  • Moving around. We recommend our guests to stay mainly inside own training facility and its immediate proximity, avoiding unnecessary stay in the common areas. There will be other visitor groups in our premises during the training day. Please note that the mask should be worn at all times. 
  • Catering. During the pandemic, food is served either as individual portions or at a buffet, depending on the guidelines currently in effect. We request to adhere to safety distance when fetching and eating the food. Different classrooms have different times for breaks so that we avoid having too many people fetching food and coffee at the same time. 
  • Catering personnel. Kitchen and catering personnel use gloves and respiration masks while preparing and handling food items.
  • Cleanliness. We take extra caution in disinfecting the bathroom facilities, door handles, and surfaces such as coffee machine touch screens during the day.