Current Topics for Future Needs

Our online courses have been designed together with the experts at Aalto University. They focus on competence development themes based on Aalto University's strong research expertise. The contents of the courses are designed to meet our customers' current and future needs. 

The themes cover various topics relating to executive roles, from management, strategy, and finances to service management, marketing, and sales. Leading innovation work, design thinking, and digitalization themes support preparation for the future. Supply chain management and project management are important for the operational functioning of an organization. 

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Are you interested in learning more about our online courses? In the brochure, you will find a summary of the theme and the available courses.

Online Courses Portfolio Brochure


In this brochure, you will find a summary of our online courses.

Leadership and Strategy

Innovation and Future


Marketing and Sales


Industrial Engineering and Project Management


Our online courses are designed for executives, managers, and professionals who value flexibility in learning and completing their studies. They provide development opportunities for individuals, teams, and organizations alike. They correspond in a variety of ways with the development of new knowledge and skills, for example, in the following situations:

For an individual who

  • is applying for a new job and wants to update their knowledge on the basics of leadership.
  • has been tasked with developing a new kind of service or innovation and needs the tools to do so.
  • has the responsibility for a strategic change project and wants a comprehensive package to help them succeed in their task.

For a team in which

  • each member must update their skills to leverage the customer and user-driven design process in developing a new service.
  • members are unfamiliar with the definition of data and the principles of its analysis. We want to stay up to date on this topic, and complete the course together in preparation for future challenges.

For an organization in which

  • a successful strategy requires the development of value-based thinking in marketing and sales. Completing the online course prepares executives for creating marketing and sales projects that support the strategy.
  • scarce financial resources challenge the profitability of an organization, and knowledge of the basics of economics requires reinforcement.
  • executives and unit managers need to be coached now, at the very latest, to lead change through operations globally. A need has been identified, and a change management course supporting self-development is being sought, which can be included as a part of a broader coaching program, if necessary.



  • You develop your expertise cost-effectively and flexibly, according to your personal schedule.
  • You gain an understanding of the key themes that every leader must master in a rapidly changing business environment.
  • You learn basic concepts and tools on each topic and will be able to lead people and projects better.
  • You gain ideas and different perspectives that directly affect your own work and organization.


  • You strengthen and develop your organization's expertise cost-effectively, quickly, and without travel.
  • You will have the means to promote the independent study and development of your employees.
  • You implement the diversity of training packages through independently taken online courses.
  • You support staff's means of influencing job success through easily applicable frameworks, skills, and workbooks.

Contents and Structure

Online courses can be completed one at a time according to your needs. The online course helps you learn the methods and frameworks that you can use in your own work right away. All courses include video learning, reading, and exercises. You can track development through tests and reflection exercises that ensure learning. Some of the courses include a workbook that helps you practice and apply what you have learned to real business challenges and projects. 

The courses can also be used to build study units that support the strategic goals of an organization or team. In this case, individual and group assignments and discussion forums can be planned between the first and last webinars. An ongoing development project or design work can be integrated as a part of the whole. 


By completing our online course, the participant will get an Aalto EE certificate.

You are free to complete the course at your own pace within three (3) months. The license is valid for three months starting from the order date.

Our courses are implemented through Aalto Learning Experience ALEX e-learning environment. You will get the link to the online course right after registration.

Customized Online Programs

The courses can also be used to build study units that support the strategic goals of an organization or team. We co-design impactful, fully online programs with our customers. The virtual programs are utilizing Aalto EE’s existing/topical online courses. The program outcome and the impact of the participant’s learning experience will be enhanced by tailoring various learning elements around the online courses, e.g., live webinars, assignments between the online modules, online check-ups with the program director, and the program director faculty, and small group discussions.

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