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"The EMBA is a treasure chest of knowledge.”

Anne Tarkiainen
Director, Sovelto

Anne Tarkiainen is a professional in the training field. For over a decade she has worked as a Director for Sovelto, where she is in charge of one of the companys three business areas: the top 200 companies in Finland, and acts as a direct supervisor for 15 employees. Tarkiainen recently fulfilled a long-time dream and obtained an EMBA from Aalto EE: "The Aalto EMBA program gave me what I wished for. I am happy to recommend it."

Sovelto was founded in 2000 and for a long time, it focused on providing ICT training. “In early 2014 we renewed our strategy and broadened our offering. Today, we are a strong change driver for our customers. I thoroughly enjoy my job. At Sovelto I always get to be at the forefront of development.”

A higher degree in business had been on Tarkiainen’s mind for quite some time. “After receiving a Bachelor’s degree in business administration I was rapidly swept into working life. Around the time of our strategic shift at Sovelto my supervisor, Sovelto’s CEO, made my MBA aspirations possible. I was given free hands to choose the best program. I weighed the pros and cons of either an MBA or an EMBA and soon saw that with my experience the EMBA was definitely the way to go.”

When choosing where to obtain her EMBA degree, Tarkiainen opted for Aalto EE after considering all available programs. “Aalto EE had clear and well-structured information and references online. I participated in an EMBA information event and was sold. Its approach is fresh and genuinely international. Aalto EE’s good reputation also spoke in its favour.”

Aalto EE's approach is fresh and genuinely international.”

“I knew the studies would be time consuming and demanding, this fact was well communicated by Aalto EE. Despite this, I was at some point struck with the realization that I was in for an even more time consuming ride than I thought. The EMBA program is, however, worth every effort. I learned so much,” Tarkiainen underlines and mentions the business strategy project as perhaps her biggest surprise – a highly positive one.

“I was impressed by the scope and depth of the project. The organisation my group focused on represented a new field of business for me – B2C. Everyone in our project team had demanding jobs, but despite our hectic schedules, we achieved excellent results and gained a great deal of in-depth, strategic understanding.”

Other highlights Tarkiainen mentions were the EMBA study trips Palo Alto and Singapore, as well as the self-development process that spanned the entire program. “Especially the Palo Alto trip gave much food for thought and many useful ideas which I have been able to use in my work. As for the Self Development Process, I have nothing but praise. It was very well put together and worked tremendously well.”

An additional bonus for Tarkiainen was the chance to use English: “It has been quite a few years since I last used English regularly at work. The EMBA served as an intensive language course for me as well,” she says.

“At Sovelto, we make a point of sharing our knowledge to best benefit the entire organisation. Sometime after finishing the EMBA, I decided together with my supervisor that I would go through all I learned and make up an 8-point list of development ideas we could use at Sovelto. Together, we then chose 3 issues from the list to first implement into our business, and we are currently working on these ideas.”

The EMBA is a treasure chest of knowledge – and its true value depends on how you implement your knowledge into practise after the program.”

“Throughout the EMBA studies, I took notes using OneNote – something I highly recommend to everyone. It was rewarding going through everything I learned after some time. The EMBA is a treasure chest of knowledge – and its true value depends on how you implement your knowledge into practise after the program. I have new ideas for developing our customer offering that stemmed from the EMBA, and for example the HR course gave me many useful notions that can be directly linked to our customer interface. I am extremely satisfied I decided to pursue an EMBA degree at Aalto EE. It was an arduous, but tremendously inspiring experience.”

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