"The major advantage of this program is that the structure of the course shows the connection between design thinking and business and corporate innovation.”

Design Thinking for Business Innovation has been a popular program and received great feedback. Read some of the comments from our participants below.

"It was really exciting to hear other professionals explain how their companies are solving the same problems around the world that we are facing. I found it really helpful to understand how to capture and monetize the value of innovations. I finally got some tools to help me with that!"
Tomi Sundberg, Finland

"As a creative facilitator, I regularly attend programs and conferences to ensure I know what is happening in my sector. The Design Thinking for Business Innovation program, however, gave me much more than I had thought possible; I was able to balance the theoretical side of things with a more practical approach and see the results quickly. Back at work, I am now able to apply Design Thinking processes without difficulty and this is the biggest and most important result for me!"
Alessia Sterpetti, Italy

"I was curious about this program because I felt stuck with our corporate strategy. Business innovation is exactly what my company needed in the highly regulated industry in which it competes. How do you differentiate yourself in a marketplace where contracts are awarded to the lowest bidder and the terms of government contracts dictate your business model? I returned home every evening during this program excitedly sketching out the ideas presented during the day. A couple of weeks after the program ended, I finally was able to process everything that I had learned and arrived at what we hope will be an industry disrupting business model. And the tools I now have in my toolbox since completing the program have me exploring other ideas in other industries as well. Going to the office is exciting again!"
Christopher Stone, USA

"It's very important to challenge your ideas from different angles and to evaluate them to be able to improve and to reach the core of customer's challenge."
Tom Gråhn, Finland

"The program is divided into two parts. One part is in Helsinki which is the first three days and the second part is actually four days here in Barcelona. The combination of those two trips adds a lot of value to the program. The second thing that I really like about the program is that we actually have external speakers coming in. Having that external perspective is really helpful because it shows you how you can apply Design Thinking into real-life examples. We all come from different industries. We all come from different backgrounds and, yet, what we do see is that we have a pattern in the challenges that we're trying to solve for. Exchanging those ideas, exchanging those best practices from what's more than 20 people from different countries but also with different backgrounds has been tremendously helpful for me."
Yusuf Okucu, Spain

"What I like about the program is that it's usually very international groups so there are people from all over and that enlightens simply the approach I can follow and I receive different perspectives around that."
Jürgen Steinheber, Germany

"I chose the program because I was looking for something different that combined design thinking with business. Something that wasn't too far-fetched but that was also practical without being academic. It's an ideal place to come and pick up on new concepts and the way that we do things so that we can offer a better service to our clients and thereby extend the growth of our company."
Desere Orrill, South Africa

"I learned a lot of things about their methodology and skills through this program but I feel the most change is a positive mindset."
Tetsuro Hayashi, Japan

"The Design Thinking experience with ESADE and Aalto EE was a mix of theoretical content, best-in-class cases of success and, most importantly, practical application in real cases. For me, the cases and challenges of the project simulated my daily challenges at work and showed me practical ways to apply the process of design thinking with my clients. The highlight was combining the creative process with the business interests and financial issues that we must consider in every step of the design thinking process. Today I am glad to share this knowledge with my team and clients."
Barbara Ponce Barbara, Brazil

"The joint efforts of Aalto EE and ESADE to teach design thinking and show how pivotal it is to sustain a business exceeded my high expectations. Each day was structured so that the learning is enriched by personal reflection and practical application. I now make sure I apply design thinking and learning as a daily practice. I couldn't have asked for a better class to share the experience. I'd recommend this course to everyone who is looking to improve customer experience."
Penny Estrada, Philippines

"The program provides a great overview of the tools and methods and practical insights on using them. The major advantage of this program is that the structure of the course shows the connection between design thinking and business and corporate innovation. Reference visits support this story. Networking with participants from other organizations and learning their perspective was a great addition to the curriculum. Although the whole program is really demanding in terms of time and effort, it is worth it."
Ksenia Avetisova, Finland

"Design thinking is a very helpful tool for people involved in all manner of innovation processes and communications. This program gives participants the opportunity to share ideas with other people within the industry and see how this methodology is used in real day-to-day business. A hugely valuable experience that will make it considerably easier to promote change and growth within my company.
Youngsoo Lee, South Korea

"The Design Thinking for Business Innovation program brings the creative mindset of the design world and the structured and analytical methodologies from the business world together in a powerful blend of practical and theoretical exercises. The inspiring intensity and a fantastic energy boost!"
Hallgrim Sagen, Norway

"I wanted to leave my comfort zone, and I definitely did. In hindsight, it was perhaps better than any executive training I have ever participated in. Especially when I realized what an opportunity it was to reflect on my own leadership. It was an excellent program, and also an excruciatingly demanding one. Very seldom in life is a person thrown into a situation like this, working with people who challenge your very way of thinking. Our group had a very rich diversity which led to a richer outcome – but it took a great deal of effort. It was a very healthy and intense learning experience. I have never before been so exhausted yet inspired after training."
Minna Tornikoski, Finland

Design Thinking for Business Innovation