"The program energized me – challenging my thoughts and thinking about issues from fresh perspectives was highly rewarding.”

Heini Noronen-Juhola
Vice President, Aviation & Safety at Helsinki Airport, Finavia Corporation

Heini Noronen-Juhola is Vice President, Aviation & Safety at Helsinki Airport, Finavia Corporation. Noronen-Juhola is in charge of a vast array of issues, all making sure air traffic at Helsinki Airport runs smoothly and safely in every condition. The airport is especially well-known for its exceptional Snow How, and regularly hosts industry experts from around the world who are keen to learn winter maintenance skills from the best.

Noronen-Juhola recently took part in Aalto EE’s Global Leader program and says she is pleased to recommend the experience to others.

“Some time had passed since the last time I had studied and I wanted new insights and ideas to brush up my skills as a leader. I wanted a top-notch program at a high-quality school, and chose Global Leader at Aalto EE,” she says.

"It was great getting new perspectives on leadership in a multinational environment and updating strategic skills relating to business development. I have worked directly with all the topics dealt with in the program, and also studied them before, so there were no unfamiliar topics per se, but challenging my thoughts and thinking about issues from fresh perspectives was highly rewarding,” she adds.

The program was a breath of fresh air, it thoroughly energized me."

Noronen-Juhola describes the studies as a whole as enjoyable and also notes that the program is a great networking opportunity.

“The teaching was very good throughout the program, with great lecturers and topics all aimed at broadening our strategic skills as leaders in a global environment. The classes were quite interactive. We had lively debates, and it was extremely interesting hearing the other participants’ opinions and discussing the various topics from different perspectives,” Noronen-Juhola points out.

“One of my fondest memories from the program was from an elective module: the lectures held by Finnish philosopher, professor Esa Saarinen. I thoroughly enjoyed them; the insights and contemplating were self-development in the true meaning of the word,” she confirms.

Noronen-Juhola says she also learned a great deal from assignments prepared before and after each module.

“Writing papers gave me a chance to analyze issues and build a broader outlook, and suited my way of learning very well,” she says.

“The assignments were beneficial and I liked working on them. They did require effort: I had to relearn a humble approach to studying and set aside sufficient time. I soon found that for me, the best option was to finish assignments as soon as possible, so I could better schedule things and balance work and studies,” she remarks.

To Noronen-Juhola, the highlight of the Global Leader program was the study tour to Boston which she chose as an elective module.

“Visiting Harvard was an irreplaceably valuable experience. The lectures were fascinating and I met fantastic people. The entire experience: learning from the professors there, soaking up the Harvard atmosphere – all this was truly inspiring. It gave me so much new energy,” she comments. 

Noronen-Juhola says that all in all, the Global Leader program met her expectations well.

"The program was very rewarding. It strengthened my professional capabilities, and it was great fun to study again after a long time – a refreshing change.”

“I think the program is well-suited for anyone looking for a broader perspective to leadership and business. The program is well built with interesting content. I am happy to recommend it to anyone who feels they are at a good point in their career to gain new insight on leadership in a global setting,” she concludes.

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