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"The Aalto MBA gives you a great deal, but it also asks a lot from you. You must be absolutely sure you are genuinely driven to challenge and develop yourself.”

Jani Tyyni
CEO, Nebula

For the past seven years, Jani Tyyni has worked for ICT service company Nebula in various positions. On January 1, 2018 he started work as the company s CEO. The year leading up to Tyyni's appointment as CEO was marked by exciting development for Nebula, as the company was acquired by Telia, the leading telecom operator in the Nordic and Baltic region.

“Joining the Telia family was a major milestone in Nebula’s story. We renewed our strategy together with Telia and set out to build Telia into the best ICT partner in Finland. We also started a strategic partnership with Inmics, an IT service company Telia recently acquired. We are looking forward to another eventful and invigorating year,” says Tyyni.

A few years ago, Tyyni decided the time had come to pursue an MBA degree. After comparing leading programs, he opted for the Aalto MBA.

“I had many reasons for choosing Aalto EE. Its Triple Crown Accreditation combined with the high level of teaching provided by top professors from both Finland and abroad were among my main criteria,” he reminisces.

“It was the right time in my career to challenge myself. I have always found self-development motivating and strived to continually learn new things. I started the Aalto MBA program with a very open mind, intrigued to see what all I could gain from the experience,” Tyyni explains.

Tyyni describes his studies as challenging, especially in terms of time management.

“Combining studies with work and everyday life is far from easy. The upside of this is that during the studies, everyone becomes a master of time management. Once you have successfully completed the Aalto MBA alongside work, after that mere work feels like rest,” Tyyni asserts, laughing.

I enjoyed the wide range of teaching methods that were used at Aalto MBA."

Tyyni mentions the versatility of the studies as one of his favorite things about the Aalto MBA.

“I enjoyed the wide range of teaching methods that were used at Aalto MBA. We worked in groups, gave presentations, had lively discussions, and enjoyed insightful introductions to topics by leading names in their fields. Every effort was made to ensure we gained significant new perspective and competence. In my opinion, you would truly have to try hard not to learn during the MBA,” he remarks.

Alike most CEOs, Tyyni says much of his work has to do with change management. Not surprisingly, he names change management as one of the most beneficial areas of studies for his own professional development.

“Leading change was a very important and interesting subject. I have gone back to reflect on material from that module more than once since our studies finished, and in my everyday work I have utilized many of the change management frameworks we learned. Aalto is also a very good school for financial management studies and the lessons I learned during the MBA have proved very useful in recent years,” Tyyni emphasizes.

“Another highly rewarding subject was the Personal Development Process, which lasted all through our studies. I frequently use insights I gained during it,” he adds.

I frequently use insights I gained during the Personal Development Process."

Tyyni summarizes the core benefits of his MBA studies as highly useful new skills and knowledge, and a great network of likeminded individuals with whom he has kept contact after finishing the MBA.

“Once we graduated, one of my fellow students came to mind as a great potential recruit for an open position at Nebula. I asked him to apply for the job, knowing he would be an excellent person for that position. We are now colleagues,” Tyyni points out.

Tyyni says he is happy to endorse the Aalto MBA. He recommends, however, that people contemplating studies consider their own life situation and level of commitment carefully:

“The Aalto MBA gives you a great deal, but it also asks a lot from you. You must be absolutely sure you are genuinely driven to challenge and develop yourself, to ensure you gain as much from this degree as you possibly can,” he concludes.

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