"I want to become better equipped to lead teams working with technologies and to guide the innovation in our company”

Kirsi Puntila
Senior Vice President of Marketing, Altia Plc

Kirsi Puntila is Senior Vice President of Marketing and an Executive Management team at Altia.  She is passionate about brands, analyzing consumer behavior, and creating magic to people's lives through brand experiences.

Puntila has a Master’s Degree in Economics and majored in International Marketing. She describes it has been a long journey from where it all began to where she is at the moment in the Executive Management team of Altia. She has traveled far from Middle Finland to the world and back to be in Helsinki today.

Recently Puntila registered to Aalto EE's Graduate Diploma in Technology program and comments "I’ve been looking for some training for a while, something that would meet the following three criteria: tailor-made for company leaders, not just a basic digital training, but concrete and hands-on to really learn how to utilize AI and robotics."

"I have a love-hate relationship with technology. I tend to be slightly scared of new things for a short while, after which I get excited and want to master it all. I think it is utmost important that we as leaders keep pushing ourselves and keep up with the changes. It is all super exciting though!"

To Puntila, the technology-related challenge she is currently facing is that the amount and speed of new technologies and solutions entering our reality.

"I sometimes feel that our brains have difficulties in processing it all. And not only processing but also keeping our focus straight as to what is important and what is not. Because fundamentally, the consumer needs are not changing so rapidly. But we need to be able to see the link between all the new data and technologies and what is relevant for the business," Puntila pointed out.

Puntila says she has high expectations for the Graduate Diploma in Technology program.

"I want to get a good, solid understanding of the technological landscape of today and a good grip of where the world is heading."

"I also want to get skills and competencies in driving organizational growth, and finally I want to become better equipped to lead teams working with technologies and to guide the innovation in our company," she adds.

Puntila explains that Altia is already a very proactive, innovative minded company where we encourage people in different functions to go and search for new tools and solutions to improve our business performance.

"However, we can still improve on a leadership level to have a coherence in understanding and using the data for the benefit of our business," she concludes.

Graduate Diploma in Technology