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"In hindsight I wish I’d taken part in the Aalto Service Leader program already a few years earlier.”

Mika Kettunen
Vice President of Global After Market Service, Danfoss Drives

Global technology supplier Danfoss employs over 25 000 people in more than 100 countries. One of the company's four segments, Danfoss Drives, produces AC drives – devices used to for example reduce the energy usage of electrical motors or convert energy from renewable resources such as the sun, wind or tides.

Danfoss Drives’ Vice President in Global After Market Service Mika Kettunen has been in the industry for over a dozen years. He is based in Germany, but frequently travels to Finland, where he is a familiar sight at Aalto EE, for Kettunen is an avid believer in lifelong learning. He recently participated in the Aalto Service Leader program.

“I have had good experiences with Aalto EE programs in the past and thus I keep a lookout for interesting training opportunities offered by Aalto EE. At Danfoss we have been driving change in our service business, and

the program seemed like an excellent opportunity for me to update my skills and get new ideas on for example digitalization.”

“It turned out to be a splendid program, just as I have learned to expect from Aalto EE. I was very pleased with both the content and structure, and the instructors were extremely good,” Kettunen notes.

"I always feel that I learn most from class discussions. In this program our group’s communication was enriched by the fact that we had participants from b2b and b2c industries alike and from companies of all sizes,” he adds.

Kettunen describes the program as a good learning experience and says he picked up many ideas which he found especially valuable for Danfoss Drives.

“Service design is a good example. It is an important topic for us at the moment, and I was positively surprised of how well the program’s content matched our needs. I shared certain ideas I learned in class with my team back at work, and after some modification to suit our needs, we used the insights as a basis to revamp our entire service design process,” Kettunen reveals.

He also brings up Service Strategies and Business Models as a particularly useful topic, which gave him plenty of food for thought and also led to direct changes at Danfoss Drives’ after market services.

“A very concrete example is our customer segmenting, which used to be quite traditional and based on industries."

Now we are working with service model based segmenting, which I think will turn out to be an excellent idea.”

In addition, Kettunen mentions Leading People in Transition as another highly relevant topic, which he suspects he will find extremely useful during 2018 and beyond, as service productization has now been carried out at Danfoss Drives and next he will start focusing on achieving change in the sales department

All in all, Kettunen affirms that he is pleased with the experience and happy to endorse the Aalto Service Leader Program.

"In hindsight I wish I’d taken part in this program already a few years earlier."

"It gave me a great deal of insight and very useful ideas, many of which I either already have or will soon be able to implement at work,” Kettunen says.

“I recommend participating. I think the program is particularly relevant for people from companies that are planning to or in the process of evolving towards a more service driven business model. That said, I also think the program has a lot to offer to professionals working in companies that already have thriving service businesses,” Kettunen underlines.

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