Our Customers

"Strategic Reward Management Experiences”

Maria Hämäläinen, Laura Etelätalo

"I got an extensive knowledge regarding strategic reward management; what it is, how to use it and what are the trends. Case examples gave a great insight on how differently rewarding can be done and how one needs to adapt the company and its situation to the strategic reward planning. Additionally, the practical elements gave good ideas and tools to start building the reward management system and also consider the implementation.

In our company we have started the analysis and will start building the reward management in a completely new way. The program gave me a better understanding on what I need to analyze and what are the steps forward and what are all the factors I need to consider.

We got the courage to build something new considering the trends while keeping in mind the situation the company is in. We are better prepared to build a compelling and more competitive reward management system that will keep our most important asset, our employees, engaged and motivated, while also attracting new employees.

Maria Hämäläinen
Chief Happiness Officer, Lexia Attorneys Ltd.

The program was a refreshing deep-dive into how to better link and align your total rewards strategy to business strategy in order to increase employee engagement and motivation, as well as to drive performance. The program was also an excellent place to network and establish new connections. The program gave me a lot of insights and ideas, I happily recommend the program for anyone looking to reinforce or update knowledge in the area of Strategic rewards.

Laura Etelätalo
Performance and Total Rewards Manager, Sonera