Aalto University Töölö

The former main building of the School of Business is renamed as Aalto University Töölö. The iconic building designed by architects Woldemar Baeckman and Hugo Harmia is located at Runeberginkatu, Helsinki.

The building was completed in 1950 and it represents a functionalist style. The brick wall and Michael Schilkin's reliefs also link architecture to the romantic trend of the 1940s. The building is one of the most significant representatives of post-war reconstruction period architecture in Finland and is included in the register of DoCoMoMo, an organization specializing in the protection and documentation of modern international architecture. A comprehensive repair and renewal of the building was completed in December 2020.

The main resident of Aalto Töölö is Aalto University Executive Education Ltd. With Aalto University Executive Education Ltd, Aalto Töölö is the largest hub of leadership and professional development in the Nordics. Versatile and modern office, event, and training facilities for leasing are available in the building.

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Learning Facilities


Capacity (max.): 18 persons
Area: 42 m²
Floor: C3

af Enehielm

Capacity (max.): 30 persons
Area: 75 m²
Floor: C3


Capacity (max.): 20* / 28* persons
Area: 51 m²
Floor: C2

*in conference use / **in restaurant use


Capacity (max.): 110 persons
Area: 150 m²
Floor: C3


Capacity (max.): 90 persons
Area: 140 m²
Floor: C3


Capacity (max.): 62 persons
Area: 137 m²
Floor: A2


Capacity (max.): 90 persons
Area: 261 m²
Floor: C2


Capacity (max.): 30 persons
Area: 67 m²
Floor: A2


Capacity (max.): 150 persons
Area: 201 m²
Floor: C2

In restaurant use


Capacity (max.): 30 persons
Area: 77 m²
Floor: C2


Capacity (max.): 100 persons
Area: 258 m²
Floor: C3


Capacity (max.): 20 persons
Area: 42 m²
Floor: A2

Learning premises' equipment and capacity (pdf) »

Aalto University Executive Education Ltd premises are accessible and can be reached by elevator. A toilet for the disabled is located at A0 floor.


Aalto University Executive Education Ltd
Runeberginkatu 14–16
00100 Helsinki, Finland

Arrival instructions (pdf) »

Aalto University Töölö reception is open from Monday to Friday from 07:45 to 18:00 (during summer exceptions may apply).