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Aalto Executive Summit 2018

Visionary Leadership in the Age of Digital

Aalto Executive Summit brings together Aalto EMBA participants and alumni from all the program locations – Jakarta, Helsinki, Poznan, Seoul, Singapore, Taipei and Tehran. During an intensive week of study, you will complete one elective module (4.5 EC) while enjoying a unique opportunity to meet other executives and network. Aalto Executive Summit has been an integral part of the EMBA program since 2008!

The Summit is also open to Aalto MBA and Global Leader participants, Aalto EMBA and Aalto MBA (previously Aalto Part-time MBA) alumni, and selected participants from our international partner universities: ESADE (Spain), GU School of Executive Education (Sweden) and Graduate School of Management, St. Petersburg University (Russia).

This year the Summit concept has been renewed and participants will have the opportunity to bring a real-life business challenge to be solved in groups during the week. Experiential learning is a major part of the Summit training approach and the balance of theory, practical experience and hands-on workshops enhances learning.

Aalto Executive Summit will be held on August 20–24, 2018. The main venue will be Dipoli, Aalto University's main building in Espoo, Finland.

Learning Experience
Enhanced learning balancing theory and practical experience.

Live Case
Tackle a real-life business challenge and develop unique solutions in a group.

Expand your network by connecting with Aalto EMBA, Aalto MBA and Global Leader participants, and alumni.

Contents and Schedule

We are entering a new digital age and a wide range of industries are likely to be transformed by new technologies – entire industries will be redefined and new ones created. This will have implications for how we work, how we run our business and how we rearrange the workforce.This year's Aalto Executive Summit looks at these important themes including strategy, performance and leadership – all relevant for future success.

The Summit offers a platform to discuss some of the most pressing issues facing organizations in the future: how will AI change the world and how can we develop a way of operating that enables us to constantly scan for what works well and what does not in the future business environment?


Julian Birkinshaw

Julian Birkinshaw is Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, Deputy Dean for Programs, and Academic Director of the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the London Business School. 

He is a Fellow of the British Academy, a Fellow of the Advanced Institute of Management Research (UK), and a Fellow of the Academy of International Business. Professor Birkinshaw's main area of expertise is in the strategy and organisation of large multinational corporations, and on such specific issues as strategic agility, digital transformation, corporate entrepreneurship, and innovation.

Julian is a recognised expert on innovation, entrepreneurship and renewal in large corporations. He has PhD and MBA degrees in Business from the Richard Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario, and a BSc (Hons) from the University of Durham. He was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the Stockholm School of Economics, 2009.

Rumman Chowdhury

Rumman Chowdhury is a Senior Principal at Accenture, and Global Lead for Responsible AI on the Applied Intelligence team.

Her passion lies at the intersection of artificial intelligence and humanity. She came to data science from a quantitative social science background. Dr. Chowdhury works with C-suite clients to develop AI solutions that reflect responsible corporate values, embrace an AI-based economy, and are in compliance with regulations. She also creates cutting-edge technical solutions for ethical, explainable, and transparent AI and explore solutions for the future of work.

Rumman holds two undergraduate degrees from MIT, a master's degree in Quantitative Methods of the Social Sciences from Columbia University, and a doctorate in political science from the University of California, San Diego.

Dr. Nathan Furr

Nathan Furr is Professor of Strategy and Innovation at INSEAD in Paris and a recognized expert in the fields of innovation and technology strategy.

He has multiple books and articles published by outlets such as Harvard Business Review and MIT Sloan Management Review, including his most recent best-selling book, “The Innovator’s Method” (Harvard Business Review Press, September 2014), which won multiple awards from the business press. He has two forthcoming books from Harvard Business Review Press addressing how companies lead transformation and how innovators win support for their ideas.

Professor Furr has worked with leading companies to study and implement innovation strategies, including Google, Amazon, Citi, Deutsche Bank, Philips, Kimberly Clark, Telenor, Solvay and others. Professor Furr earned his Ph.D. from the Stanford Technology Ventures Program at Stanford University.

Saku Mantere

Saku Mantere is Associate Professor of Strategy and Organization at the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University and Director at the Marcel Desautels Institute for Integrated Management.

His research focuses on strategic organizations: on questions such as what it is that makes organizations strategic and how strategic management affects organizations. He is particularly interested in strategic change, middle management and organizational communication, as well as the methodology of studying management and organizations. Saku’s research has been published in the leading academic outlets for management and organization studies, and he been awarded multiple times for his teaching and research.

Saku Mantere was trained as a high school philosophy teacher and telecommunications engineer before doing a PhD in Industrial Engineering and Management.

Teemu Roos

Teemu Roos is an Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Science, University of Helsinki.

Roos' research interests include the theory and applications of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science. He also teaches introductory courses on these topics with a total of up to 500 students annually. He has developed applications of AI in areas such as mobile computing, genomics, epidemiology, quantum physics, and digital humanities.

Teemu Roos received a Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Helsinki in 2007.

Jacob Staun

Jacob Staun is a partner at McKinsey & Company in Denmark. He is a co-author of McKinsey’s report on the value of AI and automation for Northern European countries, ‘Shaping the Future of Work in Europe’s Digital Front-Runners’ (2017). 

Jacob leads McKinsey’s work with public sector including defense and securities in Scandinavia and is part of McKinsey’s European leadership within Public Sector, Defense and Operations. Jacob holds a M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering from The Technical University of Denmark and McGill University, Canada.

Meet the Live Case Facilitators

Throughout the week’s afternoons, facilitators will offer their support and services to the Live Case groups.

Dr. Mikko Laukkanen

Mikko Laukkanen specializes in customer experience management, service design and service business, strategic marketing, business model innovation, and innovation management.

He has an extensive background of consulting and research projects with large international firms, and is a well-liked lecturer and sought-after public speaker. He has pioneered a number of experiential teaching methods in his executive and university teaching. At Aalto University Executive Education, Dr. Laukkanen works as the Academic Director, and is responsible for the academic quality of Aalto EE’s extensive portfolio of programs.

Dr. Riitta Lumme-Tuomala

Riitta Lumme-Tuomala’s key qualifications are in the areas of leadership, especially from the point of view of different generations at the same workplace, young potential development, talent management and individual diversity (MBTI Step I and Step II Certification) and self-leadership.

She is an experienced and frequent lecturer on the mentioned topics. Lumme-Tuomala holds a Master of Sciences degree in Economics with a major in International Marketing from the Helsinki School of Economics and EMBA degree from HSE Executive Education. She defended her DBA dissertation on Talent Management in June 2017.

Henri Schildt

Henri Schildt is a tenured professor with a joint appointment at the Aalto University School of Business (Management & Organizations) and the School of Science’s Department of Industrial Engineering and Management.

His research interests span technology strategy, organizational change, and strategy process (with specific interest in reasoning under uncertainty and the use of data analytics). He is currently heading two research programmes on data-driven management and the management of digitalization in Finnish manufacturing companies. Henri Schildt completed his PhD at Helsinki University of Technology in 2007.

Fabian Sepulveda

Fabian Sepulveda is a Senior Advisor at Aalto University Executive Education. He is actively involved in Finland’s entrepreneurial ecosystem as a startup coach and Lean Launchpad® trainer, and helps organizations understand and execute Lean Startup methodologies and customer development.

Sepulveda has more than 20 years of experience in engineering, management consulting and investment banking at companies such as Lucent Technologies, A.T. Kearney, and J.P. Morgan.

He teaches Venture Formation and other courses at the Aalto Ventures Program and Aalto University Executive Education. He cofounded eyescubed, a startup in automotive technology, and also cofounded Courage Ventures Advisory, which provides entrepreneurship training and development to leading private and public organizations. He is also a cofounding Partner of Courage Ventures Management, a fund investing in health & wellness, education, and environment verticals.

Sepulveda has a PhD in International Business (Entrepreneurship) from Aalto University, an MBA in Finance and Financial Management Services from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (Netherlands) and a BSc in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from North Carolina State University (USA).

Live Case Workshops

You now have a unique opportunity to have your Summit peers solving a real-life business challenge for your organization!

During the Aalto Executive Summit all the participants will be divided into groups that will work on these “live cases” throughout the week. Each group will have a facilitator who supports the groups as they work to find solutions to the challenges. The groups will prepare a short video of the solution and the case company will receive these videos for their use.

Summit Venue - A Great Place for this Ground-breaking Event and Out-of-the-Box Ideas

Dipoli is Aalto University's main building located in Otaniemi, Espoo. It represents a new type of multi-purpose design that showcases the University's expertise, activities and people. Dipoli offers the entire Aalto community and its stakeholders meeting places and work spaces as well as event and exhibition facilities.

Dipoli was designed by Raili and Reima Pietilä and completed in 1966. At first, the Student Union of the University of Technology owned the building, which acted for years as a cultural center for technology students. It was also known for various events. Aalto University bought the building in 2014. The building has undergone a significant technical and structural modernization project and it reopened for fall semester 2017.

EMBA Program Turns 30 Years

Our Executive MBA program will celebrate its 30th birthday this year. We will have the festivities during Aalto Executive Summit. Celebration dinner will be held on Thursday August 23.

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Fee and Registration

Please note that the participation fee is to be collected during the registration form submission. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Finnish Online Banking transactions.

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