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Analytiikka ja datastrategiat

Harness Data to Create Business

Data is everywhere, but how might business benefit from it? Data analysis and utilization are no longer the preserve of corporate giants or companies built purely on data. Commercial and configurable technologies are enabling the use of data-driven business models by companies and organizations.

Even in traditional sectors, more and more new business models are being built on the more efficient use of data, and data and its analysis are the keys to the development of existing business activities. The key issue is how existing, continuously growing data masses can be harnessed for useful purposes.

The Analytiikka ja datastrategiat (Analytics and Data Strategies) program provides a comprehensive and strategic perspective of modern analytics and its uses. The program combines strategy and theory with examples of practical analysis. After the program, you will know why analytics is important, how to generate value through data, and how to achieve excellence in analytics.

Note that this program is held in Finnish.

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After the program, you will know how to build and organize and will be able to identify the level of maturity of your organization's analytics capabilities. You will understand what executives can expect to gain from business data, and learn how to identify the basis and requirements for building a data-driven business environment and analytics culture.

Become familiar with the core concepts and methods of analytics
Gain know-how to solve the challenges associated with analytics
Understand the importance of data visualization and be familiar with the tools used in the industry


The program is designed for people focused on business development rather than the technology itself.

It is suitable for executives, business development managers, chief digital officers, directors of strategy, CFOs, and CIOs.

Contents and Schedule

The program explores the importance of data and analytics in business, data-based management and strategy, and the visualization of data. In addition, analytics is studied through practical examples.


The duration of the program is three days. The studies consist of contact teaching days, topical articles on data and analytics, and interaction within a group.

More detailed information about contents and schedule on the Finnish page.

Program Fee and Registration

The program is held in Finnish. Register for the program on the Finnish program page.

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