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Board of Directors

Cultivate Your Board's Global Mindset

Board of Directors is a high-level director and executive program with a truly global and strategic perspective. The program develops board members’ competence to evaluate a company’s strategy in the constantly changing business environment. The focus is on strengthening the boards’ capabilities in directing the company. Participation in the program requires commitment to evolve as a team member in order to make personal board performance more effective.

The main objective of the Board of Directors program is to provide the participants with a view on global economy, its impact on organizations, and on the way strategies are built. Tools for assessing the organization's strategy from the board’s perspective are provided together with new insight on how to build the board with dynamics that facilitate good decision making.

After the program the participants:

  • Have enhanced their ability to contribute to the success of the organization as a board member,

  • Have enhanced their ability to assess the strategy of the organization,

  • Have enhanced their ability to understand and contribute to the dynamics of the board in a positive manner in order to make the best possible decisions as a board, and

  • Have a view on means to support the CEO and the executive board.

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The Board of Directors program offers ways for a board to develop a global mindset to sense and interpret transformation in the global economy. It strengthens the ability of a board to direct company strategy, and supports company performance when developing more effective board dynamics.

Offers new frameworks to develop a truly global mindset
Strengthens your strategic thinking in the global market place
Provides you with the tools to give high performance to the board you serve


The Board of Directors program is designed for people with experience in board work or aspirations toward it.

  • Board members in publicly held and privately owned companies
  • Executives preparing to serve on a board
  • Executives working closely with boards

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Contents and Schedule

The next Board of Directors program will be held in 2018. Detailed information on the schedule will be published as soon as possible.


Program Fee and Registration

The next Board of Directors program will be held in 2018. Detailed information on the fee and schedule will be published soon.

Please leave us your contact information, we will keep you posted on the next program start.

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