Commercial Excellence – Dare to Grow

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How to run a successful growth strategy for a well-established company that is already doing well? Even a market leader should constantly evaluate and rethink their success factors for the future. How do my products and services satisfy my customers' needs? Do our competencies and processes match our strategic goals? What does this take from leadership? How do I lead my organization and the whole network over the silos and ensure operative competence? 

This program is about commercial excellence and growth. It gives you perspectives and concrete tools to reassess your commercial strategy and success factors for the future. Program develops your capabilities in commercial excellence and gives knowledge of how to accelerate your company to grow.

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Commercial Excellence – Dare to Grow

According to program target group Top 3 commercial skills to excel are 1) Pricing strategies 2) Conceptual skills 3) Customer and market development.

This program focuses on closing these most critical skill gaps to make your company to thrive.

Each element in this training is planned so that you will be able to seek growth and commercial excellence on a global scale.


The Commercial Excellence program updates the mindset and perspectives to commercial growth and success. Align your organizational competences to match the strategic growth goals and gain insights on how an established company can run a successful growth strategy. We will introduce structures, tasks, and tools for implementing value-based thinking in marketing, sales, and account management processes.

Learn how to position your products and services for a desirable portfolio
Understand the possibilities of various revenue and pricing strategies
Learn how to lead your growth strategy to competencies in your daily leadership work
Growth coaching for your commercial strategy


This program is for the growth seeking leaders who aim to shift their mindset on how to develop their organizations’ commercial processes and competences. The program is suitable e.g. for Business Unit Directors, Heads of Sales & Marketing, Commercial Directors, and Heads of Business.

Excelling in business today requires outstanding capabilities in commercial excellence and knowledge on how to hack your company to grow. Learn how to run a successful growth strategy for a company that is already doing well. Gain perspectives and concrete tools to reassess your commercial strategy and success factors for the future.

Contents and Schedule

This program focuses on implementing the customer centric growth mindset and value-based thinking in marketing, sales and account management processes. You will gain a holistic view and concrete tools for implementing your customer driven growth strategy.

During the modules participants will acquire knowledge from a variety of examples from both business and consumer markets in a comprehensive manner using interactive expert lectures, practical workshops and strategy simulation, visiting industry repesentatives and company cases.

Program themes cover

  • Commercial concepts and target groups, competitive advantage through purpose and positioning

  • Value pricing and value communication – marketing and selling the value

  • Revenue and pricing strategies, and how to change them in practice

  • Leadership styles for transformation to pass through the existing silos

Program Structure

Pre-module period

Individual preparation and assignments

Two-day modules

Intensive and interactive learning sessions with Aalto EE instructors and peers

Post-module period

Assignments and application to practice



Nermin Hairedin

Nermin Hairedin is a digital, data, and marketing professional. She has an extensive background in digitalizing businesses for over 20 years. 


Hairedin is the co-owner and CEO of a customer-friendly IT and software development startup Frumatic Ltd. She also serves as a board executive in SOK (S Group), Örum Ltd, VR Group, and Delipap Ltd. In addition, she works as a strategy advisor, keynote speaker, and investor.

Hairedin has a proven track record of successful turnarounds and growing businesses exponentially, both greenfield and M&A. She has been part of founding Fonecta and worked as one of the pioneers in setting up data-driven businesses. She has held several global senior management positions at Nokia. Her last corporate position was as the Finnish CEO of marketing agency giant Dentsu before moving into board work and entrepreneurship.

Hairedin has practical knowledge of global markets. Her business experience covers services, telecom, media, retail, sales, data&analytics, and marketing. She has specialized in digital transformation, which is all about organizational culture, as well as driving marketing to be a strategic asset for growing company value.

Hairedin holds an M.Sc. degree from Aalto University (Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration) and has university studies also from France, Turkey, the USA, and Sweden.

Pekka Mattila

Dr. Pekka Mattila serves as a Professor of Practice at the Aalto University School of Business.

He works frequently with European, Asian, African, and North American executive audiences on themes of strategic management, business model innovation, leadership, top team dynamics, leading change and transformation, organizational culture, and strategic marketing. During the period 2011-2021, he served as the Managing Director and Associate Dean of Aalto University Executive Education.

In addition to his academic activities Dr. Mattila has conducted an active business career. He has served or currently serves as the Chairman of the Board or as a Member of the Board at a number of innovative companies in media, banking, ecommerce, technology, edtech, invest-in, construction, as well as food and beverage industries. Moreover, he serves as a Member of the Board of The Finnish National Gallery.

Dr. Mattila holds a doctorate (D.Sc. 2006) and a master’s degree (M.Sc. 2003) in sociology at the University of Helsinki and an Executive MBA (2010) at London Business School. Over the years, he has frequently visited several prestigious European and Asian universities teaching management, organizational behaviour, marketing, and sociology.

Dr. Mattila has authored several managerial books on leadership, change, and transformation as well as strategic marketing and sales. His consulting, training, and coaching career started in 2003, and his corporate clients comprise over 480 Nordic and international companies, entrepreneurial ventures as well as prominent public sector institutions and NGOs.

Mikko Laukkanen

Mikko Laukkanen is Post-Doctoral Researcher at Aalto University School of Business and Academic Director at Aalto University Executive Education.

Dr. Laukkanen specializes in customer experience management, service design and service business, strategic marketing, business model innovation, and innovation management.

He has an extensive background of consulting and research projects with large international firms, and is a well-liked lecturer and sought-after public speaker. He has pioneered a number of experiential teaching methods in his executive and university teaching.

At Aalto University Executive Education, Dr. Laukkanen works as the Academic Director, and is responsible for the academic quality of Aalto EE’s extensive portfolio of programs.

Mikko Laukkanen has a Doctor of Science in Economics and Business Administration from Aalto University School of Business.

Juha Äkräs

Juha Äkräs is a Co-founder and Executive Chairman of Hintsa Performance and Executive in Residence at Aalto University School of Business, Department of Management.

Juha Äkräs has worked as Executive Vice President, Human Resources at Nokia Oyj, and as a member of the Nokia Executive Board and Nokia Siemens Networks Board of Directors. Before these, he worked in multiple business manager roles, including Senior Vice President of Core Networks at Nokia Networks, and has held multiple positions of trust in business and non-profit organizations.

Currently he is co-leading a research program called “The Exponential Work Project: Cascading Wellbeing, Climate & Organizational Performance” – a joint research project by Aalto University, Hintsa Performance, and Ilmarinen.

Juha Äkräs holds a Master of Science in Engineering from Helsinki University of Technology and has studied Industrial Management, Work Psychology, and Telecommunications.

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