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Design Your Employee Experience v.3.0!

Use Design Thinking and tools to develop HR processes. Learn alongside 2-4 other HR teams and learn to master design tools for improving employee experience.

Organizations have been exploiting human-centered service design methods to improve services for many years. Pioneering organizations also use similar methods to develop their internal processes.

Studies have identified a direct link between employee experience and customer experience – customer encounters are affected by how employees perceive their own work environment and management.

We want to help pioneer organizations to redefine their employee experience and redesign a chosen HR practice.

Please note that this program can be delivered in Finnish or in English. We will determine the language based on the participating companies' preferences.

Download Brochure in Finnish Program information in Finnish 


Please contact us for more information about the program


You will gain an insight into the current status of your organization’s employee experience and define the aspired future status.
Redesign and test one HR practice of your choice
Adopt the tools to design the employee experience and prepare a plan for the next steps


The program is designed for organizations’ HR teams. You can bring 3-5 team members.

The program can accommodate teams from a maximum of five organizations at a time. 

Contents and Schedule

The program combines training and coaching. It consists of four workshops, the first of which lasts for a day and the rest for half a day each.

Workshops will be held every 2-3 weeks. Between workshops, your team will work on their own development projects in your workplace. A total of 2-3 days per participant should be reserved for this, depending on your organization´s development goal.

Program Structure


The two-week preparation period includes independent and group work

Design workshops

Workshops combining coaching and training will be held together with the teams from other organizations


Exercises are done as individual and group work during a period of 2-3 weeks


Program Fee and Registration

Apply for the program through the Finnish page.

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