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Developing Agile Innovation Capabilities (online)

Developing Agile Innovation Capabilities program gives you a 360-degree view of innovation and service design. It supports developing both an innovative mindset and a service design culture in your organization.

The goal of the program is to offer you practical tools and frameworks for designing new innovative products and services. The program will teach how to combine analytical and creative thinking in a systematic way for best results.

By completing the course, you will gain a better understanding of  

  • how to assess and optimize service quality, and how to integrate customers and technology in service delivery
  • Design Thinking process and practical tools
  • main innovation tools and frameworks and
  • how to empower team members and employees in exploring new ideas and business opportunities.

The learning path consists of three online courses that are also available as stand-alone courses: Service Management, Design Thinking, and Innovation Leadership.

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By completing the program, you will get an Aalto EE Developing Agile Innovation Capabilities certificate worth 1.5 ECTS.

Service Management

This course provides a toolbox to better understand and analyze recent developments in service management. You will gain a good understanding of how to assess and optimize service quality as well as the future role of artificial intelligence in service, design effective service recovery measures, integrate customers and technology in service delivery, and develop hybrid offerings in business markets.

Design Thinking

The course walks you through the human-centric process of Design Thinking and gives you the best tools for all phases. You will learn to combine analytical and creative thinking in a systematic way for the best results in your business, gain a coherent understanding of this human-centric approach to innovation, its process and tools, receive the latest academic viewpoints as well as a great many practical, real-world examples and tacit knowledge on how best to apply it.

Innovation Leadership

The central concept of this course is that Innovation Leadership is not just for start-ups. It is a mindset and a set of practices adopted by small and large organizations to address today’s increasingly complex business problems. The course builds fundamentally on Lean Start-up methodologies and frameworks that highlight the three key concepts of a) systematic innovation, b) exploration vs. execution projects, and c) entrepreneurial management.


The program is targeted to business leaders and experts responsible for creating and growing new products or services and applying design thinking and innovation tools in development processes.

Contents and Schedule

The program consists of three modules focusing on Service Management, Design Thinking, and Innovation Leadership. During the Design Thinking module, you are introduced to a Design Thinking Workbook with practical tools and templates for real business challenges.

The program allows flexible study patterns; you can decide on your schedule and the speed you progress. The duration of the program is approximately 12–18 weeks when following the recommended 4–5 hours weekly study schedule.

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