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Digital Business Network

Business, Research, Practice

Digital Business Network (formerly Divia) brings together key players, the latest topics and up-to-date information in digital business. Research conducted at Aalto University and other international universities meets the latest business cases, providing insight for taking organizations to an entirely new level of digitalization.

Digital Business Network is built on six corner stones: technology, innovation, organization, strategy, data and leadership. Over the course of the year, Digital Business Network members will gain a comprehensive idea of trends in digital business and a framework for understanding change.

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Six seminars held in Helsinki over the course of the year; research, business and practice in a single day.

Five places per seminar available for each member organization. Change is easier to execute when more employees have up-to-date information.

Live virtual participation in seminars and recorded sessions available for all employees of the member organization.


Digitalization brings complexity in organizations and broadens the competences needed for success.

Be forerunners in the field of digitalization and know the latest trends
Understand the potential of contemporary technology in business management
Discover new ways to utilize your organization's full potential by engaging change agents in change processes
Understand the role played by leadership and innovations in success


Digital Business Network is for change agents – directors, business managers and experts seeking new standards and innovations for their organization in a rapidly changing business environment.

The Network is organization specific – seminars can only be attended by representatives from the member organizations.

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Contents and Schedule

It seems that the most baffling question for managers and leaders is knowing which technologies to utilize for future success. And how should we manage these new combinations of machines and human beings? What kind of business advantage are we able to gain through blending the contemporary technology advantage with the best people skills?

Seminars are held in Helsinki city center and run from 09:00 to 15:00. During the day, we will always learn something completely new, but we learn best by exploring so part of the day is always reserved for practical exercises. The goal is to give participants a practical toolbox for managing transformation. Network power will be used in the learning process through group exercises and Thinkathons.



Pekka Mattila, Professor of Practice, Aalto University
Risto Sarvas, Adjunct Professor, Aalto University
Timo Seppälä, Adjunct Professor, Aalto University
Katri Saarikivi, Researcher, Helsinki University
Hertta Vuorenmaa, Postdoctoral Researcher, Aalto University
Teemu Roos, Adjunct Professor, Helsinki University
Selected faculty from Stanford University.

Fee and Registration


The annual fee for the Digital Business Network 2018 is € 8,900 (+ VAT). The fee is for the whole organization.

It includes

  • six seminar days (from 09:00 to 15:00), with seminar places available to five employees from each member organization
  • unlimited live virtual access to the seminars for all the member organization’s employees
  • seminar archive that can be used throughout the year

A registration fee of € 600 (+ VAT) is charged if the organization was not a member of Digital Business Network (formerly Divia) in 2017.


Register your organization for the Digital Business Network 2018 by March 17, 2018.


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