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Diploma in Innovation in Education

Better World through Better Education

The Diploma in Innovation in Education program is co-organized together with the University of Helsinki, (HY+) Centre for Continuing Education.

The ability to measure innovation is essential to an improvement strategy in education. Knowing whether, and how much, practices are changing within classrooms and educational organisations, how teachers develop and use their pedagogical resources, and to what extent change can be linked to improvements would provide a substantial increase in the international education knowledge base (OECD, 2014).

Innovation in Education is a program for pedagogical leaders as well as policy makers and NGOs seeking to integrate cutting-edge educational practices into their learning environment and business processes. It contributes to the development of new skills and competencies in the educational sector at national, organizational and personal levels.

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Program Benefits

The program explores the concepts of innovation and leading change in schools. Participants learn about the 21st century way-of-learning while adopting an experiential culture in managing and running educational facilities. Participants will also work in multicultural teams on current challenges related to education utilizing various strategic methods and techniques such as design thinking, lean entrepreneurship, leadership and creative approaches to learning.

Explore the concept of innovation and discovering the latest trends in education
Apply strategic thinking and influential practices in schools
Acquire new methods for efficient school management
Adopt a design-oriented approach in learning
Improve school processes and achieving operational excellence
Network and dialogue within a cross-cultural context of educational professionals
Lead change within educational systems and in schools


The Diploma in Innovation in Education program is designed for pedagogical leaders and stakeholders involved in K-12 education and pre-schools.

In particular, it is recommended for principals and deans, school owners and administrators, teachers, policy makers and directors in governmental bodies and executives in NGOs.

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Contents and Schedule

Innovation in Education is an intensive program with in-class session days, school visits and inspirational talks. Before the program starts, participants are asked to complete pre-assignments and reading to prepare for the classroom discussions, workshops and learning.

Participants will mostly work in groups during the intensive week, but there will also be individual tasks to accomplish such as personal reflections and presentations. After the program, participants will be encouraged to utilize the methods learned in the various workshops to find solutions for daily tasks and carry out long-term planning.

Program structure

Pre-module Period of 2-3 Weeks

Individual preparation and pre-assignments

In-class Sessions and Inspirational Talks

In-class sessions and inspirational talks facilited by distinguished professors

School Visits

Visting top schools in Finland



  • Jari Lavonen, Head of Teacher Education Department, Professor of Physics and Chemistry Education, University of Helsinki 
  • Tapio Lahtero, Adjunct Professor in Educational Leadership, Administrative Principal of the Teacher Training School, University of Helsinki
  • Fabian Sepulveda, Senior Advisor, Aalto University Executive Education
  • Lotta Uusitalo-Malmivaara, Adjunct Professor in Special Education, University of Helsinki 
  • Pablo Riquelme, Lecturer, Aalto University
  • Ilari Laitinen, Service Designer, Barona Technologies
  • Walid O. El Cheikh, Program Manager, Aalto University Executive Education


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Program Fee and Registration

Program Fee

The fee for Diploma in Innovation in Education program is € 4,950 (+ VAT).

Please note that the program fee does not include travel expenses or accommodation. VAT is applicable to private persons and Finnish companies.


Register for the program by August 24, 2018.

Program start