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Fashion and Lifestyle Executive

The textile and fashion industry has been revolutionized in the last few decades. New types of business, purchasing and production models have emerged in the sector, and companies need to invest more in brand development. There is a continuous need to develop business and management skills.

Aalto EE and the Finnish Textile & Fashion (Suomen Tekstiili & Muoti, central organization for textile, clothing and fashion companies in Finland) have jointly designed a training program that enables fashion and textile firms to develop their leadership skills in strategy, business innovation and management.

The program provides companies with a strong platform for developing their businesses and the leadership skills of participating executives, through a more competitive business model and better management. If more than one person participates from the same company, the benefits can be multiplied by sparring on the ideas gained and putting them into practice during the program.

The program is partly provided in Finnish and partly in English.

Program Information in Finnish


You will gain new energy in your leadership
You will gain future-oriented leadership tools
You will develop your strategic thinking and innovativeness for the testing of the new business model
You will network with industry players in Finland and internationally
The development and renewal of your business
Operational efficiency through supply chain management and financial expertise
Differentiation skills that make you stand out from the crowd
Development of your company's brand and story


The program is tailored to meet the needs of Finnish fashion and lifestyle companies. Participants are from the management teams or other leading positions of companies operating in the sector.

In cooperation with

Contents and Schedule

The Fashion and Lifestyle Executive program consists of four two-day contact teaching mod-ules and the related preparatory reading. During these intensive modules, you will network, spar and share experiences with colleagues and experts from the sector.


Program Fee and Registration

Program Fee

The fee for the Fashion and Lifestyle Executive Program is € 6,200 (+ VAT).

The fee does not include costs for the conference hotel.

The association of Finnish Textile & Fashion will assist its members with the participation fee. Contact the association for further details: Elina Sojonen, or Anna-Kaisa Auvinen,


Register for the program by January 15, 2018.

Fashion and Lifestyle Executive program is held in Finnish. Register for the program on the Finnish program page.

Program Page in Finnish