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Kansainvälisen yritysverotuksen johtaminen

Up-to-date tools for forecasting and managing tax risks

The Kansainvälisen yritysverotuksen johtaminen training program provides a comprehensive overview of the taxation of international business activities and of current trends. The program involves a deep exploration of transfer pricing issues in particular, while providing tools for identifying and managing transfer pricing risks and opportunities. In addition to the participant’s personal expertise, the program develops his or her company’s strategic tax planning practices.

The Kansainvälisen yritysverotuksen johtaminen program provides experts in charge of tax and financial management with contemporary tools for forecasting and managing tax risks. The training covers the most topical corporate taxation themes, from transfer pricing to the solution of tax disputes. Topics are considered from the perspectives both of tax strategy and day-to-day operations.

Note that this program is held in Finnish.

Program Information in Finnish


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Gain an overview of the key trends affecting corporate taxation
Become familiar with the internal and external requirements of corporate tax risk management, and the most common ways of measuring and managing tax-related opportunities and risks
Improve your understanding of the interconnections between the business models of international companies, tax laws and transfer pricing
Strengthen your expertise in basic arms-length principles related to financing and gain tools for organizing your Group treasury function sustainably with regard to taxation
Master the basic principles of transfer pricing in relation to the identification, processing and valuation of intangible rights
Gain an overview of your company’s internal means of avoiding tax disputes and of opportunities for improving cooperation with the tax authorities
Master key methods of settling international tax disputes


Tax managers, CFOs, Group Controllers, General Counsels, and other experts working on tax and transfer pricing issues.

The program is aimed at people who are seeking a powerful toolkit for managing and directing their companies’ international tax issues. The program is suitable for all companies with international business operations, regardless of their size.

Contents and Schedule

The program consists of three days of contact teaching, preparatory reading and advance assignment for the contact sessions, and post-teaching-session assignment. The focus of the assignments is to apply the lessons learned to challenges within the participant’s professional context and to develop corporate taxation practices. The content of the contact sessions will be handled through expert lectures, case work and group discussions.


Up to 4.5 European Credits (EC) can be transferred from this program to the Aalto Executive MBA or Aalto MBA program.


Program Fee and Registration

Kansainvälisen yritysverotuksen johtaminen is held in Finnish. See program information and registration details from the Finnish site.