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Leading Service Design for Improved Customer Experience

Leading Service Design for Improved Customer Experience is a two-day core module of the Aalto Service Leader program, and it can also be taken as a stand-alone program. Find out more about Aalto Service Leader »

This module focuses on leading and managing service businesses, creating service strategies and a human-centric service design process.

We are living in a world where all business is starting to look like service business, especially when we look at where innovation happens and from where companies find their future competi-tive advantage and sources of revenue. With this transformation, empathy and co-creation have become part of management and innovation lingo. But what do they mean in practice? How do successful companies deliver great services, digital or otherwise, and innovate fast and efficiently?

The key ingredient for all services are eventually people. There is no service without experience of using one. So, when designing and managing services, we design for new behaviours. Thus, with services, both deeply understanding peoples´ behaviours, needs and aspirations, as well as involving them in co-creation becomes the key to success.

No matter whether you are operating in a B2C or B2B market, humans eventually make the purchase decisions, and use and produce services. All business is H2H business - and mastering human-centered design has become crucial in organizations’ capability development.

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Aalto Service Leader Framework


It will take you to a walk-through into establishing and leading the service innovation and design process, starting from obtaining insights all the way to launching a Minimum Viable Service.

Learn how leading the modern service-based organization with customer value is different from the recent past
Gain top level understanding of how design thinking and co-design approaches change the service development and innovation process
Learn how to overcome the most typical challenges that organizations face in their cultural transformation of becoming more human-centric
Learn to use frameworks and tools that help to analyze and prioritize insights and select the right problems to solve
Gain understanding of rapid prototyping, and how customers and other stakeholders should be involved in the co-design and prototyping process
Learn to run small scale service experiments and measure their success to iterate and validate the new concepts


This program is targeted for directors and top managers seeking growth from new or existing services in B2B or B2C.

  • Corporate directors responsible for strategic development, innovation, marketing, IT or R&D in service business and industrial services
  • Top management in small and medium-sized companies

Contents and Schedule

The objective of this module is to learn to apply design-based methods to develop winning customer experience in services.

The approach is very practical, focusing on case study examples. It emphasizes the perspective of those who lead service development and innovation in their organization.


Program Fee and Registration

Program Fee

The program fee for the Leading Service Design for Improved Customer Experience program is € 2,400 (+ VAT).

Please note that the program fee does not include travel expenses or accommodation. VAT is applicable to private persons and Finnish companies.


Register for the program by November 1, 2018.

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