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Next Gen Marketing Professionals

Become the next future marketing expert

The Next Gen Marketing Professionals program is designed for future marketers to maintain the competitive status of Finnish marketing professionals into the future. The program provides a unique possibility to explore the world of top-notch marketing leaders.

During the program, the participants will have an opportunity to work with some of the leading Finnish brands for seven months. Simultaneously, Aalto EE will train the participants on professional skills, which provides a chance to integrate learned theory in practice with the project brands. By the end of the program, the participants will possess an extensive understanding of marketing in corporate, marketing and media agency contexts. Participating companies in the 2018 program are Valio, Roschier and DNA.

Companies participating in the program have an excellent opportunity to train and cultivate versatile experts based on their individual needs. The next gen marketers will obtain excellent skills required to improve and excel in an organization’s daily work after completing this program.


A unique combination of skills and experience
Responsibility in project management tasks
Experience working on assignments in the client organization, as well as marketing and advertising agencies
Knowledge concerning recent themes in Aalto EE’s high-quality programs
Support and mentorship from Aalto EE
Networking with the participant organizations

Who is it for?

The program is meant for recently graduated or soon-to-graduate university and college students, who have some experience in marketing, communications or market research.

Organizations, regardless of the industry, wishing to cultivate next gen marketing professionals and introduce new energy and views to their organizations, may participate in the program.

Contents and Schedule

The Next Gen Marketing Professionals program includes modules on project management assignments with top-notch Finnish brands and visits to marketing and media agencies.

In addition to these modules, Aalto EE will facilitate seminars that focus on current themes in marketing and project management. The trainings will focus on, among other things, self-leadership, marketing strategy, marketing communication and design thinking. The participants will get an experienced mentor and active support in their professional lives.

Program structure

Five training days

The program will build participant skillsets and knowledge concerning daily business tasks.

8 months of work

Experience in versatile marketing and communications projects.

Ongoing mentoring and support

Both Aalto EE and experienced mentors will support participants in their professional lives.

Core modules